Saturday, 11 June 2016

Queen's 90th. Time for Royal Reform in UK.

Tim Garbutt, KCC Leader 2017 and MP2020 candidate said:

"The Queen's 90th Birthday today marks the end of era.

With Queen Elizabeth as one of the world's longest-reigning monarchs, beaten only by the King of Thailand now in his 70th Anniversary of reign, it's time to reflect on Royal reform.

Clearly the sycophantic delight in the Queen walking and talking and breathing harks back to a medieval Britain that ended in 1649 and 1688, if not earlier with Magna Carta, rather than the 21st century.

It's time for 21st century Royal reforms:

* end the Military Oath to the Royals for an Oath to Parliament and Public - the Royals have no roles except ceremony ie the Queen-in-Parliament. The military reports to Parliament.

* end the last Hereditary Lords: how absurd that the only Lords election as it becomes a Senate since 1999's reforms is for the last 92 Hereditary Lords to elect their replacement as they die off

* end the Empire designation in medals and all Royal titles eg Baron etc - Prince Charles has already called for this. Britain has no Empire, and hasn't for decades, except tax havens and fragments of colonies such as the Falklands and Gibraltar

* reduce the Civil List to 5 Royals (and reduce the hundreds of butlers and courtiers on the rates) as in Spain and open all royal palaces/houses eg Sandringham to the National Trust and public

* end Royal sinecures such as the Lords Lieutenants and 70(!) Deputies tripping over each other in each of the counties - ceremonial bloat along with the Council Chairmen etc

* replace the Royal Dieu et mon droit crest etc, in public buildings with Union Jack and Parliamentary portcullis

Britain's Royals have minimal, if any roles, in a modern nation - while Commonwealth, and charitable and tourism functions such as Princess Diana and landmines or Prince Charles and Climate Change, and faces on coins and stamps, are useful but not essential as most nations have found.

And the Royals funded from Kent's public purse have no practical function on say Infratil corporate manslaughter at Manston or Thor mercury cancer victim contamination, or even fraudulent Kent elections and crooked barristers and lawyer and judges such as Lord Grabiner and One Essex Court or Dungeness and Belgian nuclear contamination. Their subjects have no role except funding waving and patting corgis.

While the variances now on UK law whether Scottish votes at 16, free tuition fees or Caribbean Commonwealth death penalties or even the continuation of the Union Jack for the Scottish saltire make a mockery of the Royals as a uniting institution.

Perhaps Scandinavian bicycling Royals are nearer the mark for a modern nation.

A Royal rubberstamp to perpetuate themselves is an irrelevance in 21st century Britain.

Time for Royal reform."

Time for Change.


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