Friday, 14 July 2017

Kent in a right old state - of failure and corruption

Tim Garbutt Ramsgate Mayor 2019 and MP 2022 (or sooner) candidate said:

"Clearly East Kent Council reform is long overdue with Dreamland tax havens etc and rampant civil service and councilor corruption for at least a decade.

Now the latest TDC salary increases - presumably with a secret vote and certainly not included in any manifesto - and KCC councilors hurriedly approving a 15% increase instead of the recommended 1.5% increase (unless The Duffers didn't have their specs on) makes yet another mockery of East Kent governance and KCC £2BN bloat.

Salaries and pensions higher than the Prime Minster for failed councils and lack of FOI and debate are simply too old-fashioned and leave Kent in a right old state.

Chris "watery" Wells the first and last UKIP council leader is being led by the nose by the civil servants presumably to cover up the Infratil crimes with the KCC Toxic Two. His resignation is overdue, and Leader Carter already sidelined from some of the South East council beanfeast quangos.

KCC with the highest £100k civil service salaries and now highest councilor salaries in UK aren't so much conservative but stagnant - and a toxic mix of elderly duffers and trade unionists using the elections to fill their boots.

Kent has failed and cuts are needed to salaries and pensions and jobs to reverse the bloat and failure.

While court revelations that Craig Mackinlay scapegoat for the Tory Battlebus fraud not only didn't include the Battlebus and hotel expenses, but also didn't include any advertising or agent costs and cites living in Ramsgate, makes a mockery of national electoral fraud.

With Chief Constable Pughsley back from his holidays, a Police investigation into Thor mercury and Manston-Infratil cancer crimes as well as Dreamland and Pleasurama tax haven fraud is overdue.

The Belgians could run things better - they speak English, are near East Kent and are still funded from UK tax.

Or Chad could have a go.

Time for Change


* awful tarmac splodges still on Ramsgate High St - is this the new RTC handyman's best work? And a mystery build on the Listed slipways attempt again...
* Pav and 100 SE Rd callin still overdue for dodgy decisions
* another Summer of Pleasurama mess or a public invasion and sit-in?

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