Saturday, 22 July 2017

Times letter: Lazy cops and Cheshire

Dear Editor

Chief Constable Simon Byrne of Cheshire Police is one of UK’s more capable police chiefs – albeit Cheshire facing no more serious crime than dodgy Botox - but his letter today in The Times from the front page article “Lazy Cops” (next to the excellent F35 expose) by the UK’s Chief Prosecutor no less, suggests cheerleading rather than rigorous scrutiny.

Given the police failures on major cases such as South Yorkshire and Hillsboro and Surrey Police cowed by the Military Police over Deepcut, or the Met and Plebgate, or even Thailand’s Red Bull Boss copkiller on the run and High Court corruption under Lord Grabiner’s One Essex Court, does seem to be cause for concern.

While – as a former PCC candidate in Kent - more peripheral issues such as The Times article “Blobbies on the beat” for overweight cops or Boobgate or excessive kit procurement from trousers to drones to guncops to gender-neutral baseball caps suggests a wider malaise and backoffice bloat given the rise in heroin and cocaine deaths, serious crime figures, road deaths and knife crime epidemics.

Surely Chief Byrne should take his fingers off the keyboard, adjust his baseball cap and get some junkies and rapists arrested? Or at the very least call in the Chief Prosecutor for more details on his concerns over modern policing?

Tim Garbutt, Ramsgate


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