Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Margate tomorrow:You're Fired! Burned! Torched!

Tonight’s TV programme with Alan Sugar’s Apprentices regeneration Margate surely marks the final nail in the coffin for Margate.

But what happens tomorrow after the show is aired?

Imagine a town of 2M visitors plummeting to zero, burning down and then the final ignominy of Alan Sugar’s trainee Apprentices advising the council on what to do next.

It’s hard to imagine a more desperate – and foolish – strategy from the Gang of Four.

What will the Apprentices say tonight on prime time national television?

How wonderful the seafront looks?

How more visitors should come down to enjoy the fire sale of seafront properties?

How clever the council are for inviting them down to comment in front of the nation on the decline of the world’s first seaside resort?

What innovative strategies each of the Apprentices will provide in their day in Margate?

Perhaps asking Jeremy Clarkson to review a Lada or Simon Cowell to review a pub singer would attract a better reaction.

Car crash TV.

And tomorrow? After the TV show showing the failure of Margate’s regeneration?

The Gang of Four to suggest how innovative the approach was despite the brickbats?

A flood of new visitors to paddle in the outflow from Manston and taste the Thor mercury waters or wander around closed Dreamland?

Roger Gale to throw another jerry-can on the fire and claim he never knew anything about regeneration by fireball?

Kent Police to suddenly realise most of the seafront has burned down - in the same places?

Develop the seaside resort with a 24/7 cargo airport, SEEDA cargo warehouses and business park and dual carriageway - to encourage tourism?

Or... will the British public - in the greatest season for domestic tourism in decades - stay away in droves beacause Margate looks a mess?


And a council tax increase for residents for failure.

The Gang of Four and our MP’s and civil servants simply have no idea on regenerating the area. And even more bizarre than that, they are actively making the problems worse.

A vote of no confidence at every council meeting.

Sack ‘em.

Let them move on to destroy another public organisation or town.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

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