Saturday, 23 May 2009

Who earns what - and for what?

Letter in the Thanet Gazette:

With MP's snouts in the trough, when are our district and county councillors - and civil servants - going to publish all their salaries, expenses, allowances, pensions etc?

They should be published each month in a Scores on the Doors by department.

Ans with the County elections upon us which councilors are voting for night flights at Manston, ChinaGate, Thor, Sericol and Infratil pollution?


* I've received KCC councillor allowances/expenses from County Cllr Alan Poole: c.£1.6M out of a £2B budget: lots spent on car mileage but why no meetings in East Kent?

* Audit Commission to open TDC's books and budgets in June for annual audit: FOI and EIR though enables any financial information to be provided at any time and within 20 days: I'd like a copy of the payroll for staffing and salary levels - home addresses etc can be blacked out as with MP's

* EA want to meet me to "walk me through" their information on Thor: 3 months and counting from the intial EIR request: try Paul Leinster, Head of the EA:

* No update on Sericol: pumps switched off: who are our councillors for these factory sites?

* No update on Infratil pollution or the removed noise monitors

* FOI request for ChinaGate costs and Tesco bag of receipts

* Steve Ladyman's expenses look OK to me but where is the detail on salary costs, previous years information on any flipping, and pensions - and where is Roger Gale's information?

* Did our MP's support moves by Parliament to restrict all this information years ago?

* Will there be monthly updates of expenses etc from now on by our MP's and the Gang of Four?

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