Monday, 18 May 2009

Missing noise monitors and Chinese expenses

Very bizarre how all the councillors and civil servants at TDC and the local MP’s keep quiet on the removal of noise monitors by Infratil.

Removed from Clarendon school and one of the tower blocks throughout 2005 and 2006 with the assistance of TDC on the authority of a Mr Gunn, of the Infratil Board of Directors.

Clearly this raises issues over Infratil’s liability for noise damage and overall approach to safeguards at Manston.

Rogue corporations are not unknown: Thor, and Union Carbide or Northern Rock or Enron or Parliament to name a few.

But of more concern is TDC’s involvement: Brian White and Richard Samuel are both direct reports and - during this period even Chair of KIACC.

And authorised the removal of monitoring at an internatrional airport that was expanding.

No mention is made of providing noise and air monitoring for over 3 years.

Nor the removals.

The only noise data – subsequently in a bizarre situation from an Infratil employees garden – shows huge dangers as you’d expect.

Noise into danger levels requiring ear guards, and air monitoring spikes of aviation fuel chemicals.

And no much-promised mobile noise and air monitor has ever been provided.

It looks like a case of no monitors, no data, no problem.

Certainly there is no public transparency on the air and noise readings – nor the correct flight paths. Nor the full fines to limit noise and air pollution.

As with Infratil shedding aviation fuel into the aquifer and Pegwell Bay it’s not that these things are acceptable – they simply are not.

Whether an airport provides jobs or not - the safety measures simply cannot be waived away.

Yet the attempts to do so are revealing.

Yet our councillors and civil servants remain silent.

Our MP’s remain silent.

Then, with CGP providing £25k donations to both Parties for the largest-ever Planning application in Thanet for cargo warehouses – and trips to China for our MP’s and councillors and civil servants - the whole 24/7 cargo airport business looks very murky indeed.

But we can guess.

We have scum and scoundrels for our political and council leadership.

Scum and scoundrels that would endanger the public through removing noise and air monitors. And then pretending that this was acceptable – and even that there was no problem at all.

All for an airport built on the drinking water. And a few miles from Ostend 24/7 cargo airport where MK airlines are based.

An idiot’s international cargo airport for Kent.

Clearly the public endangerment has been for little more than political vanity and civil service Planning incompetence.

Not dissimilar to the Election Ferry yet another regeneration project sunk without trace after "months and years of discussions.".


Failed. Failed. Failed.

Sack the Gang of Four

Close Manston

End ChinaGate: return the £25k CGP donation to the Community Fund, publish the Chinese Tesco bag receipts

Time for Change.

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