Wednesday, 27 January 2010

G'bye Matt

Infratil’s junior CEO at Kent Manston is returning to NZ as the link below after public protests over night flights and pollution including the removal of the air and noise monitors for an airport slated for expansion.

Looks like this airport below may provide a new opportunity: sounds like a rerun of Manston: ex-airforce base, compliant local council, assurances of no pollution etc.

Thanet now has a 11 year health gap compared to the rest of Kent - and air quality similar to London for a small rural town.

My favourite bit of Infratil to date was the green part of the Masterplan with dumped jumbo jets as roosts for bats.


Although the difference between a Dcb and a Leq rating is also very clever bullshot.

Clearly Matt was a very nice chap though as he told us of investments in radar, safeguards for water pollution, excellent air monitoring, adhering to the 106 etc etc.

Not unlike the Infratil chap before Matt and the Planestation and EUJet chaps.

A friendly smile. A kind word. And faked monitoring and a thousand promises.

True gentlemen.

None of them seemed to quite understand the effects - at first - of aviation fuel in terms of asthma, cancer and genetic birth defects as - surprisingly - the Masterplan for the NZ expansion airport doesn't make clear either.

Well I never.

Although of course airport staff would suffer perhaps even more greatly from them being constantly bathed in aviation fuel at close quarters.

Lets hope NZ has an NHS too. It certainly has an extradition agreement in case Kent Police or Special Branch need to take witness statements or ensure jail sentences for corporate manslaughter.

And strange that even up until August Manston was due to expand with night flights.

And the removal of the noise and air monitors.

And with Infratil leaving who will clean the water? And the soil? And the air?

And - gulp - the people.

Still at least from the new NZ Masterplan it's clear Infratil has hundreds of millions of dollars of investment money. Yet so little for Kent.

Maybe Paul's parkway. Now not at the airport.

You couldn't make this stuff up could you? And we're paying in every way possible.

And still the planes fly over the towns.

G'bye Matt. Remember - it wasn't you it was the Board of Directors that made you do it. Or Brian.

For 3 years.

Time for Change.

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