Friday, 22 January 2010

BBC TV to investigate Thor mercury

I've had a note that BBCTV are to investigate Thor mercury at Margate and how the site never closed. And with over 20x the legal limit of mercury.

Also a note from the head of Nature England that there is no outfall of pollution from Manston into Pegwell Bay. Funny. As every other agency and Infratil itself confirmed there is.

And that the Jet petrol station on the floodline had a petrol leak 2 years ago.

And we have nothing from our MP's, councillors or civil servants.

No statements, no inquiry, no cleanup reports, no regular items at council meetings.

Mere coverup and delay and hope the problem goes away and their pension and careers don't suffer.

In fact statements from both MP's that there was no problem and the factory and airport were well-managed and the clouds of toxic smoke from the chemical fire were no concern.

It was a fire at a factory supposedly closed 20 years ago and now has 20x the mercury limit in the soil and water.

Perhaps the public sector is meant to be like this.

Mere bloat, bluster and bullshot while the public pay the price for failure in cancer and early deaths.

With the deliberate removal of noise and air monitors from Manston we have the result in some of the highest cancer levels in the UK and some of the most polluted water.

And the worst council rated by the Government itself

What fools and knaves we have pretending to govern us.

Thankfully they don't have to keep their positions or pensions.

But what about the dead?

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change on 6th May

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