Thursday, 7 January 2010

Another Thor mercury report

"From 1978 monitoring by British health inspectors showed environmental health problems and poisonings at the Margate plant. The findings of the UK health and safety executive indicated that the health of British workers was being negatively affected. A 1981 inspection at the UK plant found airborne levels of mercury 20 times higher than the acceptable limit, and in 1983 another inspection at the UK plant found the same high levels persisting. By 1987, the health and safety executive, which was still finding unacceptable levels at the Margate plant, issued an ultimatum to Thor—to either clean up or face court action (UK health and safety executive 1994). That year Thor discontinued its mercury operations in the UK but its South African mercury processing operations continued."

Silence from Thanet's MP's.

Silence from Thanet's councillors and civil servants.


Because Thor Margate never closed.

For 20 years it has continued polluting the water, soil and air.

That figure again: mercury poisoning 20 times higher than the acceptable limit.

A fire and explosion in 2007.

Silence in 2008.

Silence in 2009.

What is happening in 2010?

A regular TDC Board and Cabinet item?

Mentioned in Parliament?

Site visits and cleanup schedules published?

We have mere fools and knaves in positions of responsibility.

And a 17 year health gap in Thanet to the rest of Kent.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

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