Sunday, 7 February 2010

And still the planes fly and the cancer rises

Last week there were at least half a dozen overflights of the town I understand.

All of them – as with the hundreds each year since Infratil began – banned under the 106.

Yet Infratil even reworked the 106 themselves to allow the training flights. While the radar has never worked beyond Infratil’s vague promises of doing something sometime.

And with the removal of the noise and air monitors, all of this is extremely dangerous to public health – especially as the pollution levels are not being fully recorded.

The NHS has sent me their latest information which confirms Thanet has higher lung cancer levels than…the areas under the flight patch around Heathrow. Europe’s busiest airport.

Thanet must be receiving high levels of aviation fuel discharges at low levels directly onto the local population.

And we have silence from our MP’s, silence from KCC, silence from Thanet’s councillors and silence form the Gang of Four.

Not a public statement at all in all these years.

Except support for airport expansion – which is made easier by removing the monitors.

No monitors. No data. No health problems.

Even with the night flights fiasco of last July now kicked into touch it makes you wonder what the civil servants and councillors thought they were doing?

Removing monitors to enable cancer jobs?

Removing monitors to fast-track airport expansion?

Removing monitors but keeping quiet to keep their jobs?

Clearly developing an international airport is a bit beyond them – without even considering it’s built on the drinking water supply – but they seem unable to even run 3 small towns effectively.

Closing the tourism services while maintaining large cash reserves, increasing the civil servants by 30% in 3 years and still remaining one of the UK’s worst councils - and an early death rate that’s nearer to the Middle East or Africa than Kent.

While cheap frauds such as the Pleasurama Caribbean tax haven and Swiss bank are one thing but then the senior civil servants are defrauding the public by claiming they’re on 0% pay rises that are actually 30%.

I’m not sure how that’s any worse than MP’s claiming for non-existent mortgages or moats or rocking horses.

It’s not. It’s deliberate fraud.

All public funds need publicly accounting for. To issue statements that they’re 0% increases is simple fraud.

It's the fill your boots school of governance.

And all the councillors and civil servants think it’s acceptable. Certainly not enough to speak out.

At least the payouts and pensions fraudulently claimed can be repaid. But what about the lung cancer? That doesn’t scrub out of your lungs easily. Nor your children’s or grandchildren’s or your relatives.

And our MP’s, civil servants and councillors walk and live amongst us and think it’s acceptable to stay silent and to allow the flights to continue.

What are they hoping? There won’t be a crash? The flights will stop in a few months? Someone else will do it for them?

We have fools and knaves, if not mere scum and petty fraudsters, for ever more incompetent governance.

What has been going on?

The Americans had it half right: it's not: "No taxation without representation" it should be "No taxation without effective representation".

Still no sign of the civil servants costs: salaries, pensions, expenses, cars – and the councillors don’t even review them at council meetings!

No sign of the ChinaGate expenses.

No sign of the EKO invoices: some business if it’s costs upon costs for the existing civil servants and councillors.

And more to the point if these are the fools and knaves getting us into this mess how will they be able to get us out?

Lung cancer higher than around Heathrow. You couldn't make it up could you.

Time for Change.

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