Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Manston and Heathrow cancer

Very shocking that Kent NHS confirm lung cancer around Manston is higher than surrounding areas of Heathrow.

Not surprising though if the monitors are removed and the 106 is breached to allow low-level flights over the population dousing them in aviation fuel.

I've written to Justine Greening who's the MP for Heathrow:

Hi Justine

As MP for the Heathrow area, I’m writing to you following the Sunday Times article yesterday on falsified DofT and BAA documents relating to Heathrow.

You might want to refer to the fact that Infratil airports here at Manston airport in Kent and owners of Prestwick in Scotland and Sydney and Auckland airports have repeatedly removed noise monitors, faked air monitor data with the assistance of the local council for expansion – so that East Kent now has a lung cancer rate worse than the surrounding areas of Heathrow.

And Manston is built on the drinking water supply – a fact that Paul Carter the Leader of KCC ignores in pushing to move Boris Island southwards away from his constituency.

Along with total breaches of the 106 regulation agreement.

Section 2d of the Environmental Information Regs should provide any information from BAA etc – subject to a Public Interest Test ie for BAA not to relase information it’s in the public interest for the public not to know.

Hillingdon council recently confirmed that DEFRA attempted to remove monitors from Heathrow and AEA (the Government airport/environment) authority often - incorrectly -advise that no such monitors exist.

Also that “low” pollution readings are actually “high” readings.

I’ve been so appalled I’m standing as a “Stop the pollution” candidate.

It seems to me that the regulation of airports by CAA is so flimsy as to be negligible.

While Kent Air Quality actually monitors air quality by not monitoring it.

Shouldn’t all noise and air monitor data for airports etc be centrally specified, published and verified by Police and NHS?

Should Infratil and BAA be jailed – they can hardly claim not to know that airports and pollution aren’t dangerous?

Equally with 4 airports around the M25 all at under-capacity and no tax on aviation fuel it looks as though the construction and aviation lobby has had Parliament over a barrel for years.


For Thanet we still have no confirmatio of why the planes continue to fly at low level over the towns and land on the drinking water supply.

Nor the likely early death rate and shortened life statisitics: a figure of c.1,100 has been cited by TDC but no details

Thanet has an early death rate - compared to the rest of Kent - of 11 years: dying at age 69 in Thanet but age 81 in the rest of Kent. The kind of death rate more usual in the Third World.

Obviously a lot of air pollution at low level directly onto the popualtion.

Silence from our MP's and councillors and civil servants: are they simply ignoring the danger to public health? Brush it under the carpet and wait - maybe hope for fewer deaths?

The airport could simply be closed now with Infratil leaving and the repeated safety breaches on record.

And still the planes fly.

Time for Change.

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