Thursday, 11 February 2010

Monitors? It was TDC says Infratil's Matt Clarke

Seems as though young Matt at Infratil is keen to place the blame for monitors and pollution at TDC's door.

And we have only silence from all our MP's councillors and civil servants.

Were they really conspiring to downgrade monitoring at an airport slated for expansion?

And for the last 3 years?

Removing monitors, fudging the data and the process, ignoring KIACC complaints and so on.

This from our MP's, councillors and civil servants who are funded by us and live and work amongst us.

Silence from Richard Samuel - the TDC CEO and Chair of KIACC when the forst monitors were removed

Silence from Brian White - the 106 monitor and airprot expert

Silence from Roger Latchdford - no calls for night flights since July?

Silence from Sandy Ezekiel - for 3 years no mention of monitors?

Silence from Roger Gale - excepot a call for an airport parkway station

Silence from Steve Ladyman - only an airport survey with no mention of cancer

Silence from Laura Sandys - an airport?

Silence from 56 councillors.

Are Infratil or TDC the criminals in endagering the public?

Here's Matt's note and my reply:

--- On Wed, 10/2/10, Matt Clarke

From: Matt Clarke
Subject: Airport Comments
Date: Wednesday, 10 February, 2010, 15:21

Hi Tim,

I have noticed on my google alerts
your comments about Infratil removing pollution monitors from Thanet.

I kindly invite you to retract that statement as it is
untrue. TDC is responsible for maintaining the monitoring system,
not the airport, although the airport contributes to the cost
in line with the s106
agreement. How the Council chooses to maintain its monitoring
system is up to the elected representatives.

Please also explain the allegation of faking air quality monitoring
reports – we take this allegation seriously and need to know the
basis on which it is made to allow us to look into it. As the Council administers the testing system we are very keen to ascertain whether there are any issues with the data. What do you mean by breaches in the s106 agreement?

Many thanks,


> From: tim garbutt
> Subject: Re: Airport Comments
> To: "Matt Clarke"
> Cc:,
> Date: Thursday, 11 February, 2010, 9:24
> Hi Matt
> I have a letter from Rowland Gunn confirming the removcal of noise
> pollution monitors from Manston in 2006.
> This is true isn't it?
> Would it be further fair comment to describe Infratil as thus
> deliberately endangering the public?
> This would be a criminal offence.
> Clealry if Infratil choose to remove the monitors then that's an act
> outside of the council's jurisdiction - except for the monitoirng
> and/or requirement to replace.
> I note there is no Cabinet minutes confirming or requesting or
> approving the removal so Infratil would have acted unilaterally to
> downgrade pollution monitoring.
> With regard to the 106 I note that there are restrictions on
> overflights, training flights etc that have been both breached and
> with the training flights unilaterally changed by Infratil.
> I also note the public meetings reported in the press where statements
> from Infratil and yourself on the 106 have been reported with
> "disbelief and shouts of rubbish from the floor".
> Clearly Matt it does seem that Infratil and yourself have acted to
> endanger the public and remove monitoring and fail to install
> monitoring - all very surprising for an airport due to expand and a
> multinational airport company.
> The issues on false noise and air data are matters for TDC:
> who is your liaison there?
> These issues have repeatedly been detailed to you and Infratil at
> KIACC meetings and the explanations have seemed little more than
> flannel if not deliberate deception.
> I haven't detailed the issues of water pollution here or the lung
> cancer rate in Thanet: what is Infratil's expectations of health
> impacts such as cnacer etc from its operations?
> I'll copy this to the local elected representatives here and in NZ (as
> you know I'm standing for MP on a "close the airport and stop the
> pollution" ticket) and feel free to discuss any of these points which
> are matters of fact and fair comment in the UK or your return to NZ.
> Kindest regards


And still the planes fly.

Over the towns and people and onto the drinking water supply.

Time for Change

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