Sunday, 28 March 2010

Heathrow and Manston expansion and fake monitors

The Sunday Times (page 15) details how the Dept of Transport and BAA the owners of Heathrow colluded to "fix" data: BAA executives prevented the use of data that showed Heathrow expansion would cause unlawful levels of noise and air pollution - and BAA even used the emissions data of a non-existent "virtual" jumbo jet to reduce noise and pollution figures.

Clearly similar with Infratil removing noise monitors at Manston in 2006 - yet this never being mentioned by Messrs White and Samuel in the monitoring information presented to KIACC for 3 years - and still to this day.

And with even the removal of the benzene monitor last Summer at the time of the night flights announcements it's clear that the same sort of collusion has been going on.

And with refusing to enforce the overflights ban or Infratil waiving the restrictions on loop training flights themselves, the result is the same collusion that has created unacceptable levels of noise and air pollution endangering the public.

We now have "Air Quality management areas" or "pollution blackspots" for road traffic under the flightpath but no enforcedment of the existing 106 regulations.

So Thanet has the highest levels of lung cancer - almost on a par with Heathrow.

And no mention at all of the runway being on top of the polluted drinking water supply.

The only question now is: why are Messrs Samuel and White still employed by the taxpayer and why are the Police not investigating this matter.

A criminal inquiry is already planned for the Heathrow cover-up.

But no extra planes flew or faked consultations happened at Heathrow. Just at Manston.

No flight routes were breached at Heathrow. Just Manston.

I don't remember civil servants being paid to endanger the public through removing monitoring and faking figures - and at an airport scheduled for expansion.

If anything the monitoring would be increased wouldn't it? Unless there's been a cosy agreement to not bother about the "health impacts" or "cancer" or "asthma" or any of the other diseases.

In fact we seem to be funding fraudulent 0% pay increases to endanger the public and pollute Thanet by two already very highly paid and pensioned civil servants.

Silence from Gale: even supporting a parkway station for Manston
Silence from Carter
Silence from Ladyman
Silence from Sandys
Silence from 56 councillors

A deafening silence.

We seem to have elected and paid-for puppets looking to create vanity projects or "quick-fix" white elephants at the expense of the public and environment.

Time for Change

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