Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Lots of dog dirt and lorries... but no tourists

Just as well.

The latest sign on Ramsgate Tourism Office is that it closes completely on 27th March.

That’s good isn’t it?

Who’d have thought that towns like Margate or Broadstairs or Ramsgate would be seaside towns with a tourism industry?

And with a tourist office already there then it’s best to close it.

The Gang of Four have simply collapsed into cuts everywhere except civil servants and tax-salaries.

Just as Broadstairs Tourist Office was “improved” by being relocated by a betting shop and a leaflet stand shoved into the Dickens Museum, then so Ramsgate’s is now “improved” by being closed.

And where are the Tourist staff being relocated to?


We have the Gang of Four pretending to run a District but mere mini-Margate-ism.

And that done badly.

Towns of jerrycan regeneration and dog-dirt attractions.

Could our councillors and MP’s and civil servants not smell the flames and cack? For 30 years?

£60M of council tax alone sprayed up the wall each and every year.

What has been going on?

This isn’t Socialism or Conservatism – it might be CivilServantism but really it’s just Cretinism.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change May 6th

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