Wednesday, 27 April 2011

KCC election May 2012 - and TDC shortly: Jail Carter, Jail Buchanan, Jail White.

The KCC leader manifesto below and a couple of thoughts on the TDC election:

* a vote for Independents would be a step forward - several are disenchanted witht he performance of the Parties they used to follow
* the main Parties are largely irrelevant at a local level - and the previous blocs of Parties has now been broken: no town is automatically Labour or Tory
* a boycott of the election or spoilt ballot (simply draw a line through the ballot or tear it in half and put it in the ballot box) is essentially a vote for "none of the above" - with a turnout already less than 35% (and the rise of co-opted or unelected candidates) the issue is effectively one of a lack of public support and public sector focus. 99% of the public are not members of any Party and c.80% of the public do not work in the public sector.
* Double hatters and triple hatters - a ludicrous rotten boroughs approach to pad out the same Party person for several seats: vote only for the lowest council they stand for and on election request a rsignation form duplicate seats and refund salaries
* Manston: both Parties seem to shy away from discussing why the 106 has not been enforced by the Gang of Four, nor how they will support flights given it's on the East Kent drinking water supply - a Police investigation is the way forward.
* Candidates to specifically raise questions on Manston - aside from the Party Leaders are: Hayton and Harrison: both Chair of the Airport Committee through the last few years of Infratil and TDC removing monitors, Moores, Chair of the 0% salary review for two of the Gang of Four, and Ezekiel bizarrely standing again rather than following Latchford's sensible move into retirement.

No votes in poisoning your own citizens.

The campaign for a direcly elected Leader starts here.

Stop the Cancer. Stop the Corruption. Stop the Construction.

Jail Carter. Jail Buchanan. Jail White.

As directly elected Leader I will:

• Fund a Police investigation, with separate Judicial Review with Public Class Compensation Action into deliberate and repeated endangerment and contamination of the public and environment: rigged consultations with EUJet, KCCUSA, Infratil nightlfights, and removal of noise and air monitors and systemic 106 breaches at Manston from 2006; seek Jail sentences for deliberate failure of duty of care and Corporate Manslaughter for KCC, TDC and Infratil officials: extradite Gunn, Fitzgerald and Clarke for trial and publish radar and flight path details.

• Abolish Carter-Buchanan Manston Parkway: along with SEEDA car park, £80M Road to Nowhere and monitors removal – a “Stansted by stealth and ignoring planning and safety regulations” , cancel KCC Property Group: Balfour, Jacobs etc in council: every problem is a motorway; review “Growth without gridlock” and Dartford Bridge as mere roadbuilding and vanity projects: 1970’s style regeneration by motorway or “buildin’ a building”

• Taxpayer pledge for councillors: Peg council tax to inflation, limit KCC salaries to £100k plus inflation, limit reserves to £20M: funds for failure and inflation to reform back office bloat and salary creep monopoly/public services; seek unitary authority and abolish 13 Districts; detail derelict assets and empty offices; recharge Kent taxpayer costs eg Ramsgate’s missing £20M tax p.a. to Party head offices with Party and Parliamentary review of council performance – the East Kent money’s gone North to Maidstone

• Electoral reform: votes at 16; public fund for MP and councillor election costs, and end double and triple hatters: one person one seat one council and unelected co-opts and limit family members to Party/council: a rotten boroughs hollowing out of democracy and pensioner bias

• Review Carter-King-Wild performance: abolish Top Temps and KCC 76 Lawyers on the rates: crowding out of the private sector with public funds and bureaucratic empire-building

• End KCC “echo-chamber”: multiple support form KCC policies by KCC pseudo-depts. Eg Locate In Kent, Visit Kent, Kent Tourism etc.

• End KCC investments in booze, guns, tobacco and non-Kent property: as with & lawyers the Kent taxpayer funding non-Kent services

• Publish EKO and Pleasurama contacts with recall and Police investigation into Pleasurama: Cayman Islands tax haven funding for Kent’s largest seafront development, mystery plan changes and cliff erosion

• Recall and review of Quango’s/Almo’s in Kent: danger of civil service job preservation rather than a public service reform

• Greener Kent and Green Thanet policies: Climate Change Levy to value/limit development; schools treeplanting not painting council railings; encourage park parks not retail parks, business parks and office parks: speculative empty property construction with public land and permits.

• Environment Agency P45 and Police review: permits to pollute at Manston and Thor: failure to disclose toxins and clean up by Messrs Dengate, Bradshaw, Ogden, Pearce and Leinster over years with “paint down sink” claims

• Instigate Tescopoly Planning policy: limit and reduce supermarket expansion and break-up monopolies to support SME’s: over 80 of 121 UK postcodes dominated by Tesco et al and 97% of Kent businesses SME

• Emin and Parliamentary review of collapse of East Kent over 30 years, and Kent failing 10 out of 12 Districts and c.50% GDP in public sector: from Chatham to Pfizer to 2012 activity/legacy – overall review of Gale 30 year performance and manifesto of no-flights/flights election change and “paint down sink”

• KCC International and Brussels office performance review: funding obtained directly and Third World twinning; instigate UN Millennium Goals across Kent public sector

Vote Garbutt for KCC Leader – May 2012: Independent Green and directly elected.

Jail Carter. Jail Buchanan. Jail White.

Time for Change.

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