Wednesday, 6 April 2011

RTC bumbling and failure: Year 2

The Ramsgate town Council annual public meeting last week and the same old tripe.

The same £300k budget as the Charter Trustees.

Nothing done.

And now only 3 events for £30k for the year - and admin costs of c.£90k.

Simply stale old men - and District double-hatters at that - funding admin until the budget's gone - and the towns collapse, and then raising more tax for waste.

An application form Sainsburys at Westwood for a supermarket rebuild double the size with extra units and aniother road - plus widening the existing road. To cope with the incompetent plans in the first place.

And pretending they know what they're doing beyond empty ceremony and petty bickering.

And shuffling their feet over major public health hazards and the collpase of the towns: merely riding the decline down with nothign to do and nothing to say.

Silence and umming and ahhing on Thor mercury.

Bizarrely the Mayor seemed to say that he knew what the toxin levels were but refused to confirm the details.

Silence on the 0% fraud.

Nothing on Manston built on the drinking water.

And a revelation that TDC bonusues - presumably Richard and Brian - were £92k.

And it seems a further £20k for Richard Samuel to be the Returning Officer for election night.

Vote 'em out.

But the civil servants are pulling the strings with glory projects, and overstaffing and the councillors too feeble to issue P45's

A tin of baked beans couldn't do any worse.

They've failed they just don't want to admit it.

Roll on the KCC elections and recall of the MP's.

Increasingly though I think direct rule from Westminster would be better.

Time for Change.

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