Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The cancer election

Bit of a strange response from TDC on my application for Mayor: rejected as:

1. Not enough signatories – but speaking to other candidates only 2 signees are required fro Ramsgate Town Council as they and I provided. 10 are required for District but I didn’t apply for that and no form (although there are c.5 forms and a 50 page book) were provided.
2. The – optional – statement may be wrong: Independent and then: stop the pollution, stop the corruption, stop the construction – it’s a bit longer than 6 words but the “the’s” could be taken out.

Sounds like petty nonsense.

While a manifesto for a directly elected mayor is somehow illegal unless voted by other councillors – this making it not directly elected. Utter nonsense.

I’ve asked for confirmation if the Returning Officer is being paid £20k for the night which sounds a bit much.

And I’ll raise the issues with the Electoral Commission and Police: jiggerypokery around an election is a serious criminal offence and can render it null and void with prosecution.

We seem to have unelected civil servants defining what the public and their elected representatives can say or do in a free election.

But then it is Thanet: bottom 10% council and the rampant mismanagement and corruption we all know.

More later on tumours and the ludicrous Ramsgate Labour policy of supporting the various breaches at Manston – and an airport built on the drinking water supply.

Cretinous doesn’t even cover it does it?

A Public and Police inquiry is required into the criminal goings on of Infratil and our civil servants and councillors.

It’s a lot of cancer.

Stop the Pollution, Stop the Corruption, Stop the Construction.

Time for Change.

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