Tuesday, 4 October 2011

ITV documentary on air pollution

A shocking documentary on ITV last night on air pollution in Czech Republic:


it claims to be the most polluted factory in Europe as a steelworks with 4 times EU emission levels and 6 times the World helath organisation levels on various toxins.

Still we silence on Infratil and Thor - the latter supposedly banned and closed in 1989 and the technology shipped to Cato Ridge in South Africa.

All we have now is cover-up and denial by our politicians and civil servants to protect their own jobs.

All the activities at Manston and Thor are already banned and still they continue.

When will Andrew Pearce and the Environment Agency publish the figures and cleanup details?

When will McGonigal speak up?

When will Carter speak up?

When will Gale speak up?

When will Sandys speak up?

Mere denial and schtum payments for a few resignations.

What bizarre secrecy in the Kent of the 21st century.

As Mayor I will push not for P45's but jail sentences for corporate manslaughter for Infratil, KCC and TDC.

Deliberate and repeated and major breaches of safety.


Time for Change.

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