Monday, 24 October 2011

UN Day today and Congo and Bhopal

And early next week is the announcement of the 7 Billionth person on the planet.

Probably in Dadaab refugee camp – poverty slums and ethnic war seems apt for the 21st century.

Here in Kent, not one public sector organisation supports the UN Millennium Development Goals – supposedly these should be adopted and adapted by each nation.

No UK lead on establishing the UN parliament to ensure global democracy.

Good news on:

• Richboro to be demolished
• Kent’s first solar park underway
• Dreamland Tesco likely to be stopped

Good news from the USA:

• 100 US troops deployed into Uganda last week to destroy the Lords Resistance Army – thousands of women raped, hands and feet cut off and thousands of people killed
• US universities adopting “conflict-free”policies to ensure suppliers of mobile phones and computers etc do not use “rare earths” from Congo etc.

Good news from UK:

• Dow Chemicals/Union Carbide responsible for Bhopal questioned over their sponsorship of 2012 Olympics
• Ivory Coast appoints new ambassador to UK

Silence in Kent on Thor, Infratil and Pegwell bay and Pfizer Viiv.

And Paul Carter re-elected in the usual show-election whenever there’s problems but the usual unanimous vote cut down to 54 votes to 19.

A lameduck leader for the next year for Party face: silence on FOI of all TDC and KCC costs some 6 years after the FOI law, silence on the 0% fraud and Pleasurama-Bungarama tax haven and silence from the real KCC Cabinet of Murphy, Jacobs, Costain, Balfour, Beatty, Carillion and Serco for EKO and Road to Nowhere.

And 7 oil tankers and cargo ships off Margate and the Coastguard office.

Stale old men with nothing to say and nothing to do simply soaking up public time and costs with their lies and secrecy and fraud.

No tax for poisoning your citizens.

No votes for poisoning your citizens.

What were they thinking? A Winceyette Waffen SS of the Weald with Thanet as some kind of untermensch?

Bungs for the construction industry?

The Civil service unions running things on the rates without FOI?

Just plain numptyism?

Jail for Buchanan.

Jail for Carter.

Council tax strike and direct rule from Westminster.

Time for Change

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