Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Manston cancer questions

Questions to ask Charles Buchanan and Bob Bayford at KIACC - these meetings are fairly random aren't they - given the KCC leadership battle for Carter:

@ presumably night flights, and Manston Parkway are no-go now for public funds

@ with monitors removed in 2006 when did you know

@ why were they not replaced - they only cost a few thousand pounds and Infratil Group makes a profit

@ independent monitoring shows emission levels 4x EU safety levels for at least a year - why were Sandys and Bayford supporting a Parkway and Carter helping Buchanan seek £10m of public funds

@ has the shortfall in fines c.£2M been rebilled to Infratil - why not

@ overflights are banned so why are they regular and unfined so far

@ Pegwell is a SSSI site so why are Infratil dumping aviation fuel?

@ should the airport be on the water supply - what is the delay in closing it

The last night flight public meeting was a year ago in November - why the delay since then?

Why the ludicrous manifesto pledges in May of banning night flights when they're already banned?

All that's left of Manston now is our pensioner councillors and civil servants trying to cover over the mess and deny responsibility for the cancer levels.

Removing monitors at an an airport slated for expansion - and by councils and larger aviation corporations is a criminal offence.

Time For Change

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