Friday, 13 July 2012

Priceless Olympics and $5,000 Infratil

A few miscellaneous notes:

• the Olympic torch to run down Harbour St and Surin about 10am on Thursday – good to see cancer victims represented and several paralympians.

• The 2012 beach volleyball events by TDC have been really excellent the last few years – but what a dismal performance by KCC overall for the priceless Olympics opportunity for activity and legacy. Almost nothing. We need Poole’s Pool and the Van Gogh gallery (KCC storing millions of pounds of art in warehouses is just silly) all the more.

• Deloitte drop the sale of Manston and Prestwick airports: PWC pick it up to no doubt drop it soon. And Kent Police to feel a few collars: $5,000 reward for information leading to arrests of Infratil Directors for corporate manslaughter. Even now late flights and offroute flights and water pollution and missing fines while our pubic servants dither over how much cancer and corruption is acceptable.

* Silence on Thor mercury.

* Silence on Pfizer growth and Viiv.

• Andy Mack Audit Commission auditor finding any old reason to sign off the RTC and TDC accounts: try yourself for copies of Manston fines, water samples, Pleasurama contracts, 0% fraud payslips (he didn’t work for the AC at one point but apparently he does now, but maybe not. You know the sort of thing). They’re probably missing or stuck down the back of McGonigal’s knickers.

• East Kent Film Office and studio progressing along: providing shoot information with Kent Film Office but specific to Eat Kent, filming an festival fund and film studio and education opportunities with schools and colleges. Some celeb non-exec advisers would be perfect: I’m thinking local residents like Timothy Spall and Brenda Blethyn and some blue plaques to kickstart activity eg Bruce Robinson of Broadstairs and Killing Fields and Rum Diaries fame.

A cleaner, greener and younger Thanet.

A united and prosperous East Kent.

Time for Change

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