Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Surin Schools Charity growth

Terrific news: Surin School Charity has been initially approved for funding to create a dozen jobs and open offices Ramsgate: www.surinschoolcharity.org

With the first school built and 3 others in the pipeline it will be a terrific opportunity to develop the charity.

If anyone is interested in working for Surin school charity then please send a CV to timgarbutt@yahoo.com and if any Kent schools are interested ion partnering with a new school abroad then also please get in touch.

Also developments in place for the East Kent Film Office.

So little assistance from most of the public organisations in improving Thanet - just mired in failure. Why are we paying £60M for TDC and £2Bn (that's billion) for KCC if they're not rolling out dozens of programmes?

A couple of miscellaneous points:

1. Appalling that Pleasurama-Bungarama and Westwood Cross overbuild and gridlock with 132 houses is continuing with 1,000 empty houses in Thanet.
2. Ships still anchored off Margate in Summer as a pollution accident waiting to happen – surprising that Thanet funds nearly a third of the Visit Kent budget for so little tourism activity,
3. Blue energy at the Port sounds interesting although I’m not sure it’s viable in a port – windfarms for economic growth? Hardly if the workers are berthed in the hotel ships offshore: actually reducing the economy.
4. £5,000 reward for arrests of Infratil Directors and illegal overflights of Cargolux and AGC Cargo – and silence from TDC Directors on protecting the aquifer. What are they waiting for? Cholera?
5. Tablet PC’s for every schoolchild being rolled out in Thailand – I’ll do the same in Kent, and cleanup asbestos in schools and public buildings. What has been going on for 30 years?
6. FOI? Right to view the KCC and TDC and RTC accounts, contracts and invoices? Try yourself and see what happens.
7. Silence on Thor mercury: banned but remains open.
8. Silence on Dreamland. One of the UK’ biggest seafront attractions derelict.
9. Richboro: the towers removed but the derelict buildings and windturbine remain.
10. The highest ever unemployment and youth unemployment in Thanet – ideal for a tax strike, rates strike and political and civil service change for failure.

Close Manston. Close Thor. Jail Infratil.

Time for Change.

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