Monday, 9 July 2012

Thanet sinks

A few quick points:

* ships still anchored off coast - a Torrey Canyon waiting to happen

* RTC and TDC accounts: silence on the corruption and refusal(!) to provide the required public scrutiny of invoices, contracts, payslips, letters, emails etc

* Dreamland: another Summer wasted although the inquiry should be reporting back about now

* EKFO being considered for funding - and now the new Local Act as of last week requires all public services to be challenged on quality and value and other providers considered

* Silence on the 0% salary fraud of the Gang of Four and their little helpers McGonigal and Moores

* Silence on the missing noise and air monitors and millions of pounds of fines - and why flights continue to illegally overfly the towns and land on the aquifer

* Arlington: the same with this eyesore - both Dreamland and Arlington will be 2-5 more wasted years before being removed and replaced

* Thor and Manston aquifer: Environment Agency now simply refuse to say anything, so that's OK then

* an independent report that KCC's running of Top Temps recruitment agency for its own staffing(!) and Top Travel for its own bus and taxi company was both shambolic and undercut the private sector funding it in tax(!)

How did we end up with such bloated, expensive and yet shoddy public services?

If councillors and MP's don't investigate these issues and impose fines, P45's or jail sentences then the problems simply continue.

No wonder so few of us vote and it makes sense to dodge tax or refuse to pay.

Increasingly I think the best way forward is simply to not impose taxes but fund public services by central Treasury funding.

No collection costs, an increased consumer spend, the same public spend and the same scrutiny.

As to solving the low turnouts for elections that can only be due to a lack of policies. At best why vote for much-of-a-muchness and at worst they're as incompetent as each other?

Time for Change.

* FOI all salaries, pensions, expenses, contracts - as required 5 years ago
* corporate manslaughter charges for Infratil and TDC Directors
* a public sector fraud squad

Was the expectation that the public could be polluted and robbed?

Clearly it is at the moment.

Time for Change

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