Thursday, 2 May 2013

KCC: the corporate manslaughter, cancer and corruption election

Today’s your chance to vote on peripheral issues and faceless candidates.

If you do want to waste your vote then choose a non-Conservative candidate to reduce the KCC West Kent One-Party bias.

Or not vote and reduce the turnout.

Or spoil your ballot.

It’s up to you.

You can’t vote on Manston and Infratil and the air monitors removed – no candidate mentions it.

You can’t vote on the 0% salary fraud of senior civil servants – no candidate mentions it.

Nor top Temps staffing up on the rates.
Or Icelandic banks tax funds.
Or Thor mercury banned but open.
Or FOI of all salaries and expenses and staffing.
Or the Labour Chinagate bungs.
Or Pleasurama BVI corruption.
So vote.
Pretend it’s a democracy.

Rather you’re electing Party fanatics to raise their hand when told to do so. Or with the MP’s like Sandys Party fanatics parachuted into a constituency to do as they’re told.

The main policy being increasing tax to pay for politicians and civil servants to tell you there’s no money to do anything.

And shtum payments for secrecy and coverup.

£200k salaries and no FOI even though it's been the law for 8 years. Because the civil servants want to keep the gravy train rolling while the wheels come off Kent.

A bit unfair on the hardworking politicians and civil servants - but there’s more than a grain of truth in it isn’t there. Especially in Kent.

Infratil run the council not you. Buchanan and Pedro do as they like and are funded by KCC and TDC. To pollute you. Even though they shouldn’t. It’s better to remove the monitors so there’s no pesky pollution data to contradict cancer jobs and tarmac projects on the rates.

Infratil deliberately polluted you. Even now. And your council helped them.

Shut up. Pay your tax. Vote. Do as you’re told.

Manston is corporate manslaughter. Infratil’s directors are so worried they’ve put the airport up for sale to reduce the risk of extradition.

KLM and Cargolux are deliberately and illegally overflying and polluting the towns.
HSE have denied any role in Thor even though they have site visits – they’re playing the blame game with the Environment Agency.

Southern Water are polluting with sewage spills and then passing claims to an insurance loss adjustor to reject them.

None of it mentioned for elections to Britain’s best council and £2Bntax-budget.

Shut up. Pay your tax. Vote. Do as you’re told.

Time for Change.

Time to close Manston.
Time to close Thor.
Time to close MODFire.
Time for full FOI.
And time for jobs.

The Kent economy has collapsed. Youth unemployment is 20% or higher – the worst ever.

Nothing has been done.

Nothing on Climate Change.

Nothing on Third World growth policies - when Britain has achieved perhaps its greatest policy since the abolition of slavery 200 years ago, by last week achieving 0.7% in aid. The first G8 nation to do so after 40 years.

Nothing on UNMDG after 13 years and 1,000 days to go.

Jobs! Jobs!! Jobs!!! Nothing. With £17M for the District and £2Bn for the county.


A Third World Thanet of stagnant democracy, corruption and failure.

I offered to take on the Pavillion years ago and open it and create jobs. I will.
I will create Poole’s Pool.
I will create the East Kent Film Office and Studio.
I will turf Pleasurama for the Summer.
I will bring a passenger ferry to the Port.
I will pedestrianize the seafront.
I will reform and reduce Ramsgate Town Council.
I will peg council tax to inflation.
I will publish full FOI for your scrutiny.
I will reclaim 0% salaries, EKO, Manston fines and bung money.

All these will create sustainable, productive jobs for you, your children and grandchildren. Not tarmac schemes.

You need to help though.

It's not easy.

We're at Year Zero. Ground Zero. The towns have died. It's worse than you think.

You need to help.

I need volunteers, staff and office space.

You need to stop paying your £17M Ramsgate council tax to TDC. Cancel the direct debits. Ring your bank today or go online and cancel it. That’s more useful than your vote today.

I'll open the RTC bank account and ask the Chief Constable to sign off every penny and publish it all online each month. Every penny.

No tax for poisoning your own citizens.

Your KCC vote for cancer and corporate manslaughter is wasted.

Time for Pentonville and the perp walk for Buchanan and Infratil.

No votes for poisoning your own citizens.

If they could have improved things they would have. They can’t, and they won’t.

They've failed.

Stop the Pollution. Stop the Corruption. Stop the Construction.

Time for Garbutt4Mayor: Wednesday 8th May.

Time for Change.

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