Friday, 10 May 2013

Manston. J'accuse.

J'accuse Infratil: Fitzgerald removing the required monitors from 2006 and Clarke and Buchanan continuing the lie of reporting pollution. Bring them back with Bogoievski and Baker for trial.

J'accuse TDC: assisting Infratil and covering up the lack of reporting and fines: McGonigal, Berry, Button and Sproates.

J'accuse the politicians of silence and complicity with Infratil: both MP's Sandys and Gale, the KCC Toxic Three and TDC Gang of Four, the Leaders of TDC and Chairs of the Airport Committees.

J'accuse KIACC: feeble control of public reporting on the pollution and Infratil and TDC's antics.

J'accuse Environment Agency: failing to enforce the required pollution standards and cleanup ignored by Infratil.

J'accuse Kent Police: failure to make the required arrests for endangering the public.

Time for Change.

Even now the water and air is polluted and there is no monitoring.

Even now there are illegal overflights by KLM and Cargolux.


These are not mistakes.

Removing the detailed monitoring form a school and tower block and refusing to replace it.

Banned aircraft and overflights.

These are deliberate and calculated acts of pollution of the public to create an airport the size of Stansted by stealth.

And funded through public money.

A toxic mix of lies and corporate manslaughter over years.

They knew exactly what they were doing and now it's cover-up as much as possible to keep their salaries and pensions for as long as possible.


Time for Manston to close and arrests at Infratil and TDC.

No runway. No buildings. No control tower. a field and the water supply underneath.

And jail sentences and fines.

The most blatant Kent pollution scandal ever.


Time for Change.

Garbutt4Mayor 2014 and Garbutt4MP 2015.

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