Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Same old same old Duffocracy at RTC

Apparently the Mayor can only be elected by being elected by elected councillors. But they can’t elect members of the public. I didn't understand that either. Again Duffers world bumbles along on the rates.

So Dave resigned with warm words on inaction.

Nothing on Manston monitoring, fines and overflights.

Or Thor.

Or Pleasurama.

Or Port.

Then pre-arranged candidates and votes for Kim Gibson as Mayor – previously recommending a prison as an economic step forward for Ramsgate so we shouldn't expect too much.

I couldn’t see who was the new Deputy Mayor but very ceremonial for a ceremonial council so irrelevant, and didn’t wait for the farce of the accounts and Manston fines, Pleasurama contracts etc.

One for the Police eventually.

About 10 members of the public so mainly outnumbered by councillors and civil servants.

Unless you're over 60 it's not the council for you.

Almost all the councillors doublehatters with TDC, and TDC to blame for everything – they still don’t get that that’s them.

Oh well, another year wasted and another one to be wasted.

A tax strike and business rates strike always perks up the councillors: cancel your direct debits, pay it late, pay it wrong.

Ask for FOI on Manston fines and overflights and monitors.

Or allow the pollution and corruption to continue.


Keep quiet.

Garbutt4Mayor - May 2014, and MP 2015 or sooner.

Time for Change.

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