Thursday, 23 October 2014

Corrupt Kent fails: October Public Sector Review

As Kent collapses here's my October review of the various public sector organisations performance:

1. Kent Ambulance: excellent 7 minute response from target of 15 minutes and paramedics forward-positioned in the towns for the Dead Pensioners of Winter. No doubt another bumper crop this Winter: 20,000 pensioner excess deaths last year. Excessive private ambulances though.

2. Post Office: rather excellent postal service from postbox to postoffice. The occasional whistling Great British Posty too. Second Class but almost First Class.

3. Kent Fire: developing Road Accidents review and Coastguard merger. More effort needed on smoke alarms. Excessive trouser crease but does disguise the soot.

4. Kent Police: scared to make arrests with Infratil, Glick QC, KCC etc. Some successes on drug dens hauls and people trafficking. Wasteful uniforms and guns policy. CPS and Courts and Undercover Police/Special Branch beyond democratic scrutiny. The latter no doubt wiretapping MP's rather than catching drug dealers. Prisons and Most Wanted: too many escapees/not arrested.

5. Education: patchy schools and universities - dismal asbestos policy and truanting. Paying tuition fees on top of tax-salaries. Must try harder.

6. NHS: dirty hospitals and shockingly incompetent Ebola response. Quietly effective GP's and Dentists. Would be lower but for Ambulances: see point 1. Sweden far better under 1's survival and child road deaths and cancer survival. A sickly health service.

7. KCC: idle and wasteful. Most £100k salaries in local government. £2BN budget the GDP of an African nation. Failure of Pfizer, Road to Nowhere, Top Temps fraud and Tobacco shares. TDC corruption/airport monitors coverup. No economic policy at all: a hobby-council for pensioners.

8. TDC: improving. Cancellation of Manston airport and Pleasurama and beginning of Dreamland. Shocking abuse of Cllr Driver chased down streets for supposedly secret documents.

9. Coastguard: shit. RNLI doing all the work - and a charity. Should be merged with Fire to save on pretty uniforms for clerks. Danger of air pollution form shipping and removal of air monitors at Dover Port.

10. Southern Water. Very shit. As usual. Jail.

11. Electricity/Nuclear/TV/Wifi: unknown. Shoddy reception/notspots/Belgian mobile/Dungeness contamination.

12. Quangos/individual depts/Military: unknown. Although which idiot would put an MOD fire training centre on the water supply? And duplicate it with one in Hampshire and the civilian Fire service training centres? Excessive 500 drones and 600 armoured cars new purchases.

Next week a review of Central government depts. Few surprises: DFID best, DECC worst.

You're paying for this lot through 44% of UK GDP on tax(!). What do you think?

Time for Change

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