Monday, 20 October 2014

Kent Governance by Corrupt Cardigans

Kent Police crumbles.

A Force on the run scared to make corruption arrests whether 0% fraud or EKO or Infratil corporate manslaughter or Environment Agency cancer sites at Thor and Sericol and MOD Fire.

Kent Council Governance crumbles with elderly council cardigans covering up the mess through inaction and bumf and waste.

Yet another Kent hospital in Special Measures. Unable to provide basic hygiene never mind deal with Ebola or TB or the UK's 20,000 dead Winter pensioners.

£20M in TDC salaries for one of Britain's worst councils. £2.3BN (that's billion with a b - a Third World GDP budget) for potholes and teacher's salaries and allowing asbestos and tobacco shares and Top Temps fraud.

Disastrous regeneration from the collapse of Pfizer one of Western Europe's largest employers to the destruction of Dreamland a top ten UK tourist attraction.

RTC reissuing the empty Town Plan again: 3-5 years of inaction.


As Mayor and MP I will ask Greater Manchester Police to investigate the fraud and failure that Pughley's Fashion Police and Kent CPS are unable to.

A NancyBoys in Blue service on the rates scared to arrest Macgonigal or Glick QC or Fitzgerald.

I will cancel Pleasurama tax haven seafront fraud and consult on start-again.

I will close Manston MOD Fire and demolish Arlington House.

I will dig up the Manston runway and end Parkway cement waste and create Manston Park.

I will cancel all double-hatter and excessive family seats.

I will introduce a 70 year and 3-term age limit.

I will direct TDC and KCC Council tax to the relevant Town Council for approval and reallocation to ensure reform.

With every party working to 44% of GDP in tax there is no impetus for reform in a bloated and corrupt Kent governance.

The cardigans have failed us. A mess of corruption and cretinism and coverup and contamination.

As they sicken and die off the future is reform.

Time for Cleaner, Greener, Cheaper and Younger Kent Governance.

The corrupt cardigans have failed us.

Time for Change

Manifesto #1 completed: see Manifesto #2 and #3:

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