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Kent’s Cancer Harvest from Manston and Thor

A bumper crop of cancer tumours this year.

Melanomas the size of melons. Polyps like plums, and the lemony flush of leukaemia.

Why you may ask given, for example, Manston has closed? Almost everyone bar our MP’s and civil servants know the dire consequences of breathing aviation fuel.

Of course they do know how dangerous it is really - hence removing the monitors as Manston was due to expand with Infratil. No monitors, no pollution data and maybe those cysts are due to pixie dust not aviation fuel.

They just wanted to cover it up. Even now.

Kent's Bhopal is not an exaggeration given Thor was supposed to be banned. Or perhaps more accurately that's Kent's Cato Ridge.

But cancers don’t just end because aviation fuel droplets end. That’s just the start of it.

They flourish and bloom through children and the elderly in particular.

Rare cancers. Incurable cancers. Bred in the blood and bone.

And all the more so as Manston may have closed resulting in cleaner air – but the site hasn’t been cleared and cleaned.

And nor has MOD Fire, nor Thor mercury or even the old Sericol site at Poorhole Lane.

What sort of twits would allow MODFire to light fires and then douse them with chemicals on the drinking water supply?

Maybe the specialist cancer ward at the QEQM is there just for the heck of it, or waiting for patients.

And one of the most fatuous comments recently from LocalCraigMP was seeing improvements at Southern Water’s pumping facility – presumably no longer dumping tonnes of shit into the sea or Blue Flag beaches.

But his silence on the broken sewers is deafening. Sewers detailed by Southern Water themselves as unrepaired and leaking faeces into the water supply along with cholera-drains blocked to the brim with sand and mud for years.

But then LocalCraigMP’s not drinking the water nor bathing his children in it is he? Quartered safe in Chatham telling Thanet what it should be or do or have.

I’m not sure there’s much we can learn from a notorious Kent crap town like Chatham.

No. Cancer doesn’t suddenly doesn’t stop.

The guinea pigs of your children and grandchildren will be testament to the crimes and failings around Manston for years to come.

Not only do we have TDC and KCC covering up the Manston pollution. But also the Environment Agency refusing to disclose the pollution let alone clean it up.

They should be jailed. And as KCC Leader I will seek jail sentences.

Not fake internal whitewashes or payoffs or shuffling of job titles or taxfines that you will pay.


The same prison cell as Infratil. Or the GlickQC and Hollingworth barrister fraudsters.

Why our MP wouldn’t call in any refusals to provide information and seek P45’s for gross misconduct beggars belief. Similarly failing to pull up breaches in service standards in replying to requests continues the Great British Disease of low public sector productivity.

We have the weird situation of funding public servants to not only waste their tax-salaries and tax-pensions but also waste the public’s time in chasing them for what they’re supposed to do. And then don’t want to do because it would reveal rank incompetence at best or crimes at worst.

Then we’re supposed to pay the tax fines so they can then claim higher taxes that you pay.

It stinks.

The cluster of dirty hospitals and disease outbreaks at Kent hospitals such as Pembury is testament to that. Or KCC Care Homes where the kids are going missing and being abused. Or the pensioners tied to a radiator or waterboarded by Nurse.

Or the rash of asbestos schools contaminating children and teachers - despite asbestos being banned in 1999.

Or the utter idiocy of KCC investing your tax in tobacco shares – while supposedly promoting public health. And concentrating on Noddy-policies like stay out of the sun and drink water for the hottest day ever last week.

And nothing on Climate Change other than pouring yet more cement.

The UNMDG review of the last 15 years is out as of yesterday focusing on Climate Change failure and more talking shop conferences in Paris in December – and the new raft of SDG Global goals (UNMDG2 if you prefer) again citing Climate Change – probably the weakest of the UNMDG goals achieved - as a massive 21st century problem.

A great success story though is Education with over 90% of children now in primary school. Really now only parts of Africa making up the bulk of 57M children not in school. But worryingly half of those will never go to school.

And if global literacy for under 24’s is now over 90% then it doesn’t say much for UK where we have literacy of 99% - but only to a reading age of 8 by age 16.

Barely Third World education despite over 100 years of public investment.

Anyway, you can read the Dirty Water issues in Kent at MP candidate Ed Targett’s blog here:


Also the astonishing Edwina Crowley of TDC Planning establishing her own property company:


After 2 months I think it’s clear UKIP have nothing to offer except similar Duffers probably slightly more racist than before but as inept. Certainly Farage has nothing to say about Thanet or Thor or Manston contamination.

Chris Wells along with Latchford as ex-Tories would have been intimately involved in the Manston contamination issues with Infratil. With the exception of the success of dogdirt littering tickets of c.170 in the last 2 months UKIP as the new broom at TDC has ground to a halt if not gone into reverse.

Manston and the PWC report have exposed the feebleness of their policies. And Messrs Gale and LocalCraigMP are now desperately ending their own policies on Manston and foisting it back to TDC and UKIP for a bit of party blame-gaming.

They were elected to open Manston yet less than 2 months later are doing backflips to deny any involvement. It’s tempting to urge calls for Recall if their main policies have failed so soon.

And of concern is Manston’s Charles Buchanan now heading up Lydd airport with fancy mega-expansion plans, yet why was he allowing banned aircraft into UK airspace? As importantly why did the Police and CAA have no idea of what was going on? Do they not get a daily list of planes into UK airports? Especially banned or late flights? Why not?

And why are our councillors keeping shtum on the matter?

Wells and Latchford need to account of the missing monitors and fines and contamination levels and breathtaking corruption during their time with the Gang of Four in regulating Manston.

Perhaps most bizarre of all is a UKIP emergency secret meeting last month to hurriedly payoff CEO Macgonigal an extra £91,000. Who voted for that? Would you? Surely the police should be called in to prosecute her for the 0% fraud and Manston contamination? Why do UKIP want to gloss over that?

The last pre-UKIP RTC meeting yielded no members of the public at all given the dissatisfaction and failure resulting in the electoral clearout of Everitt etc. We seem to have a busted flush already with UKIP at the least kowtowing to TDC.

Throw in a myriad of delays and wriggles such as the astonishing garden-grabbing at 100 SouthEasternRd or the strange Pavilion and Stone Hill/Manston consultations and it seem to me as though UKIP have lost control of the council already simply being led by the nose by the TDC civil servants or putting their head in the sand.

Another set of feeble and stupid pensioners riding the decline down at the expense of their children and grandchildren.

One anecdote from the Greek EU referendum farce (so many highly-paid EU institutions to do so little?) struck me of not just the police and army preparing for riots and revolt but one teenager berating a pensioner: “your generation have failed us by electing incompetent and corrupt governments for years”.

It could be the epitaph for Kent governance.

Even Kent Fire Brigade is shilly-shallying on FOI of the Gucci £2M new fire station-garage at the old swimming pool on the Kent Fire annual budget of £70M. With another automatic 1.99% increase that looks like too much money and nothing to spend it on to me.

A £2M council tax cut or reinvestment in the towns with another swimming pool would be of far more use than Millington’s Gucci Garage.

Especially – with the UK’s road deaths (a great British success story) slightly increasing this year – even increasing the road safety budget with zero drinkdriving, 20mph zones and designing out traffic blackspots rather than just sighing and scooping up the pieces and sweeping away the broken glass.

And even moving away from the usual multi-agency-muddled-partnerships-on-the rates and pass the buck twaddle to implementing clear pandemic procedures.

Just as with the cancer harvest, TB or MERS or Birdflu won’t wait as the vaccines run out again – especially if Discovery Park shifts into just taxbreaks for Hornby toy trainsets et al rather than developing East Kent’s - and Britain's - future jobs in antibiotics and vaccines.

And with the SDG Global Goals launching in September, not one public sector department has as yet included them on their website:



Writing this on 4th July it’s clear that USA deserves its legacy of liberty and freedom – something that Britain struggles to develop even in the 21st century – still bumbling along with hereditary Lords, a broken voting system, pollution legacy, a corrupt High Court and Climate Change failure with a feeble and secretive democracy that’s no match for either Magna Carta or the US Constitution.

And already America is banning blatant health problems such as transfats or Styrofoam and various food chemicals - even pushing for sugary soda drinks bans/reductions like Coke to reduce the cancer of obesity and diabetes - while Britain bumbles and blathers along even allowing McDonalds and junk food in NHS hospitals, and still unable to provide full DNA screening.

Kent’s cancer harvest will blossom and grow for years - yet American children won’t face the scourge of asbestos or danger foods or DNA cures for cancer.

Clearly there are some issues that USA may struggle with but certainly ones already overcome by Canada, Japan or the Scandinavian democracies.

And Britain simply falls flat on its face.

Time for Meiji reform.

Time for Change

Time for Garbutt for KCC leader 2017

Tim's Titbits: random points:

1. Thanks to Asia Society for a copy of their superb WW1 Thailand document that details the Thai role with the Allies in Flanders and Germany from 1918:


I can't wait to visit in BKK near the Chaopraya river and let's hope the query over some of the dates and Khun Sangayut's rank can be resolved

2. VFP: a marvellous advertising campaign on child soldiers in UK: one of only 19 nations allowing Army recruitment at age 16 rather than 18 #whennotif:


All the more relevant in Kent with the protests of Erbil drones in Broadstairs. Time for an EU arms export ban as led by Germany.

3. Deepcut Barracks: murder-suicide of young recruits now facing a further legal review to explain multiple bullet wounds and shots in the back etc. It seems astonishing that the Military Police would investigate such murders rather than the civilian police: Surrey Police in this instance. And again losing more evidence than the Met’s wipe-clean notebooks. Although with the Goldfinger criminal being found killed by a gunshot wound to the chest and Essex Police (the same Serious Crime Squad and Special Branch also responsible for Kent) mistaking it for a heart attack, you do wonder.

4. Seafront parking: only one TDC dustcart on double yellow lines today - hardly the best result for tourism towns is it?

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