Thursday, 23 July 2015

Ramsgate animal exports farce and tax haven corruption. Again.

How ridiculous that every political party, and the council with its own port, opposes live animal exports.

It's even in the UKIP national manifesto to supposedly bolster Farage before his defeat.

Yet the exports will continue today.

To paraphrase the Boston Tea Party we seem to have taxation without - effective - representation.

With the exporters simply swapping between Ramsgate and Dover port, we will need a more organized approach to prevent this disgusting trade.

Whether its roadblocks, layered teams of demonstrators, tax strikes and other forms of civil disobedience.

Nobody wants live animal exports. And not from any Kent port.

It's disgusting and simply dragging Kent down.

A county now famous for racists and animal cruelty.

And even more ridiculous given the Calais delays/roadblocks due to French farmers protesting the low price of meat etc, and police being pulled away from Operation Stack and road accidents or rape trials or drug den raids, just so a junk ship like SS Joline can sail across the world's busiest sealanes with a few dozen sheep.

The RSPCA and TDC council could easily refuse any lorries.

And with the Pleasurama corruption back on I think we've reached the end of the road with UKIP: simply the same pensioners dithering and lead by the nose by Planning Director Crowley.

Rottenfuhrer Latchford is a lame duck awaiting General Winter - and Leader Carter much the same watching his cement freeze and pensioners' corpses stack up.

Empty grunting over yesteryear and ridiculous grand projects that would somehow instantly solve decades of decline.

All the more disgraceful in one of the world's top 5 largest economies and a county with GDP larger than Northern Ireland and next to Europe's largest and wealthiest cities.

Pathetic stagnation.

Describing cliffworks and scaffolding on the seafront next week as at the end of the Summer season is laughable.

As is the delay since February when the Pleasurama construction lease and now seem ludicrous payoff of a BVI tax haven that nobody wants - and Cardy were hired by originally!

It stinks.

What must our foreign student guests think of Broken Kent?

The election is over. Ukip have had their chance. I don't think the towns need months of dithering and inaction and bullshat.

We had that with the last lot. Increasingly I wonder what Ramsgate Town Council are doing? We seem to have c.£350k and 5 staff for allotments and halfday closing and weird pseudo-elections.

Are the towns so wonderful nothing needs doing? National cuts of 40% by government depot actually seems rather effective given dirty hospitals and the most excessive government salaries and pension in Kent so on.

Layers of 5to5ers doing nothing but tripping over each other.

Manson and Live Animal Exports and Pleasurama are the same failure.

Add in inaction over garden grabbing at 100Se Rd or seafront parking and the pensioners simply cannot manage TDC.

Increasingly I think we need a council-in-waiting to replace these Duffers and the chimps they replaced.

Dogdirt is their limit and the police are too scared.

Time for Garbutt KCC Leader 2017

Time for Change

Tim's tidbits

* why the sudden rash of tramps begging in the town centre and cans of tramp lager littering the place - the cops don't take them back to their hostel or the DSS get them jobs? A Living Wage and Living Dole is not impossible and there's always jobs beach cleaning etc to improve the town
* an interesting Meiji meeting on central/local governance in Japan and Scotland - and I would urge every school, from primary to PHD, and university, in Kent, to be more active with Japanese language learning and Asian Studies courses - the range of material and support from the Great British Japanese Government is excellent
* Similarly with excellent organisations like the Almeria Group universities or Kasetsart university
* car reg no's appreciated for seafront parking to highlight here for the DVLA etc - and increasingly I think we need to pedestrianize the whole seafront/arches/High St and organize emergency access/deliveries etc for one of the world's most beautiful harbours
* who is the Broadstairs rape lawyer belittling the rape victim with over 85,000 rapes in UK?
* KORA and 2LB underway
* KCC Leader 2017 manifesto underway
* Kent Public Sector review for July a bit delayed - in particular I want to highlight the good folks of Royal Mail from overlooking them before

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