Friday, 17 July 2015

The end of Manston and Latchford

Manston explodes into incompetence and rants yet again.

Roger Latchford of Kent UKIP and Gang of Four’s vote at KCC full council rejected by 70 votes to 12 amidst a litany of cries of incompetence and waste of money.

With the District election defeats, Latchford and NFHeale are finished.

But only silence on Manston and Thor contamination at KCC and TDC. What’s happening?

While TDC UKIP dance around Chris “Orson” Wells supporting wasting yet more money on some evaluation of something or other - and a plague of bizarre emergency meetings that last a few minutes with no debate at all.

TDC UKIP have the golden opportunity to not just cancel Manston airport but the foolishness of the $1 thousands of houses on the aquifer and seek Infratil’s extradition and fines for contamination under the TDC of Latchford.

The MP’s now scurry around blaming TDC for inaction despite it being their main/only policy.

It stinks.

And the ever more bizarre LocalCraigMP now suddenly supporting fracking and foxhunting – as the former was rejected in Kent months ago, and the latter cancelled as Westminster Village nonsense simply wasting parliament time.

Kent is rudderless with the mere scum and scoundrels we've elected.

I’ll write more fully on the July Public Sector Review next week.

Very briefly I’m pleased to highlight the following rankings:

1. Kent Police: a superb improvement in drug dens raids both in the towns and Ports. Absolutely sparkling with hundreds of kilograms of cocaine and heroin and hash seized in Frontline Kent with dozens of raids from both streetjunkies and drugs barons. And the Chief even getting the QPM somewhat earlier than most Chief Constables.Excellent.

But there still seems to be vestiges of Operation Lazybones as Kent Police's excellent Most Wanted is 5 people down from 12 initially:

Yet Crimestoppers Kent have 37:

And then of course there’s the Costa Del Crime aspects of Operation Captura in Spain and Holland etc:

If nobody’s quite sure who the Most Wanted are then how can they be captured? Or Missing Persons found/Reoffending etc?

And more minor concerns over the Goldfinger shotgun death – although a horrifying UK increase in both rapes and knife crime, and excessive illegal parking requiring activity but I’ll write in more detail later.

Also the PCC Police election next year.

2. Kent Royal Mail/Post Office: an omission from previous reviews but a superb service often unrecognised.
3. Southern Trains: similar to point 2 and marvellous flourishes with station flower baskets etc but concern over overbuild, embankments and tickets. Why Roger Gale moans about Southern Trains I do not know: superb.
4. Kent Ambulance: excellent as always. 7 minute response on a 15 minute target is excellent and a drop in rankings due to the improvement of the above organisations.
5. Kent Fire: excellent especially the Road Safety Attraction but revisions needed of the Gucci Fire Station and road safety lead/coordination.

You can no doubt guess the Third World and criminal services of the worst performers.

Time to stop the pollution, stop the corruption, stop the construction.
Time for a Cleaner, Greener and Younger Kent.
Time for Meiji reforms.

Time for Change

Tim's Titbits: Misc Points:

• Kent Leader 2017 manifesto to follow
• An interesting SEELEP reform – and Kent GDP the same size as Northern Ireland
• Wetherspoons share price drops – amidst the CEO's concerns over having to pay the Living Wage(!) hardly inspiriting for the Pav nor why the taxpayer should fund Big Businesses like Wetherspoons wages with tax credits etc
• Silence on 100 Se Rd garden fracking and Pleasurama tax haven and Hornby slipway – I have serious doubts over Planning Director Crowley
• Horrifying a 6 year global glut of food – along with the excess Climate Change heatwaves and storms and droughts – yet malnutrition increases: greater efforts on say rice stocks or supermarket waste needed
• Interesting the Year of Soil(!) university research highlights no more than 20 harvests left in the top soil
• BBC reforms – again Westminster Village fanaticism and who would want the TV licence system anyway? Simply scrap this 1930’s radio tax and save on collections and ringfence an annual fund from tax as per the DFID 0.7% or NATO 2%. A Great British institution brought low
• Frontline Kent WW2 phosphorous grenades and mines astonishing
• Myanmar joins the Chemical Weapons Convention and Aung San elections detailed for November 8th
* UNESCO lists heritage sites for Meiji Japan - and bizarrely a Fray Bentos factory in Uruguay: nothing better could be found?
* KORA and 2LB in progress

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