Friday, 5 August 2016

August 2016 update #1.1: Kent and Brexit mess.

High Court Judge Suitcase Smithy of BA resigns "as mentally unfit". You couldn't make it up. High Court in freefall. Time for Change

Time for Grabafee Grabiner of BHS barred from Lords and Bar. Same for Glick QC and Hollingworth crooks. Time for Change

Bizarre of Corbyn to cite Ramsate Town Council election win...just 485 votes and illegal procedure. Shambolic. Time for Change

Great British Scotland Fashion: @bespokekilts Time for Change

Horrifying Myanmar measles pandemic: c.30 dead. Completely unacceptable. Time for Change

Time for Team Refugee. Time for Common Ground. Time for Change

Brexit a mess. Lords reversal the right track. Time for Change

Time for Kent-Benelux: Alpro, Panasonic, Philips. Time for Change

Fab USN P22 1952 Rhine gunboat in Ramsgate. Marshall Plan when Europe fell apart. Time for Change

Fab new Ramsgate harbor neon arts: Perfugium Miseris. Time for Change

Dismal lack of Kent's Vincent Van Gogh, April-May 1876, or Spanish Armada remembrance, 29th July 1588 in Margate. Time for Change

The Bridges of Battambang. UK-Cambodia. Time for Change. @timg33 …

Something's cooking in Thailand's Kitchen of the World. And Britain's. Time for Change

Time for Kent Police Brass Band tuning up for Sgt Pepper 50th next year. #KentsBeatles Time for Change

Time for Tokyo 2020 Games and UK trade. Great new Sports too. Time for Change

Calls for Thailand Team by Exim bank. Time for Change @timg33

Time for UK-Sudan massive support: troops, UN Police, aid etc. Time for Change

Time for Khmer/TH art: return lintel to Buriram from San Fran museum. Time for Change

Surin Village School Charity: 5x school locations in ASEAN needed and donors. Buriram, Sisaket, Ubon, Siem Reap, and Battambang. Time for Change

KORA Kent Oriental Restaurant Association close to launch: 5x sponsors needed. Time for Change

Looking for University visiting professor role: advertising. Kent/ASEAN. Time for Change

Private Eye raises issues around: 1MDB Malay Bank, Vitol Oil and Libya Authority. And Sangcom. Time for Change

BHS Scandal, Kent Corruption and Grabiner a patsy. Time for Change

Time for City of Sanctuary and East Kent: Common Ground and Refugees. Time for Change

Kent Corruption: Dreamland bust today. Pleasurama BVI and Panama dodgy deals and Pav asbestos workers halt. Utter mess. Time for Change

Time for Change

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