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Kent asbestos horror and NHS in freefall - #2.0 amend

Tim Garbutt, KCC 2017 Leader and MP 2020 candidate said:

"The latest asbestos deaths figures in Kent (weblink below) are truly shocking on two counts.

Not just the needless deaths: asbestos has been banned for decades - even when I was a boy the school riddled with asbestos was a notorious horror.

And these figures don't yet detail the schoolchildren and teachers killed or their lives cut short with ill-health by inaction from our councils and schools.

And secondly, for all 13 Kent Districts - and 400 Kent schools - to have no complete asbestos registers, and no central review and cleanup campaign at KCC is horrifying corporate manslaughter given the KCC £2BN budget - the GDP of a small African nation.

And KCC has direct control of Kent Public Health - even access to the UK NHS total budget of c.£150BN.

Schools even close for almost 3 months each Summer so there really is no excuse for these continued deaths.

And with Britain celebrating it's superb sporting victories in Rio - and the dynamic Margate UK Beach Volleyball Finals this weekend - we have the sporting and health legacy from 2012 not just frittered away in Kent, but actively polluting the public with asbestos.

As well as pollution sites such as Thor mercury - Kent's Bhopal and Minimiata rolled into one, Medway and Stour pollution - Kent's Klity Creek, the Infratil-Gloag-Manston monitors scandal, and the Northfleet intestines children.

We have almost all Kent and SE hospitals, detailed by BBCTV in Special Measures, with 2M people facing even worse medicare and Kent's horror of cot-death babies left to rot in hospital wards and thousands of Kent citizens being treated in hospital corridors.

Just this week 3 Kent hospitals (and a further SE hospital) in the top 6(!) of mixed-sex hospital wards banned years ago.

And UK one of the worst in EU for under5/maternal deaths: double Sweden's 3 deaths per 100k.

And we have the monstrous scandal of 12,000 UK deaths from medical errors - operations on the wrong patient(!), wrong body part(!) or wrong drugs.

Even UK excellence in Cataract surgery is now plummeting to one of the worst in Europe as detailed in the Daily Mail. And 3,000 extra Kent pensioners are dying off in the Winter for lack of heating and Flu vaccines.

By comparison the UK only has 1,700 road deaths: car-crash Kent hospitals indeed.

And wasteful bloat of £8M fire stations instead of the Olympic 50m swimming pools for every UK county called for by Tracey Crouch MP the UK 's dynamic Sports and Tourism Minister.

I fully support Tracey's Sports activity as well as:

* all Kent schools cleared of asbestos within 2 summers

* permanent Chairs for Vaccines, Cataracts, Cancer etc at Kent's and UK universities instead of Beckham Studies nonsense driving down UK education standards

* central register of all Kent asbestos sites and deaths

* expansion of Discovery Park and Sittingbourne Science Park for vaccines, DNA manufacturing etc

* develop the Left is Life blood and organ campaign, to end blood and organ shortages

* develop expat blood exchanges abroad, and formal NHS African and ASEAN Pandemic/hospital links

* faster rollout of NHS DNA testing and Cancer reduction

Surely Kent Police should be active in ending this monstrous corporate manslaughter on the rates along with this week's Zombie knife and machete and samurai swords bans.

I will be writing to the Chief Constable when he's back from his holidays before his next holiday, as to a crackdown on such problems and whether he should call in the Belgian Police to patrol Kent's broken hospitals, and Benelux-NHS programmes.

These horrors wouldn't even be allowed in Broken Nations such as Sudan - where we need more UK Police and NHS exchange programmes. We have First World Kent being run down to Third World levels before our very eyes.

If not pushed back to the nineteenth century of cholera and TB and no antibiotics at all.

Florence Nightingale would be turning in her grave at these horrors, and so will more Kent citizens."

Time for Change



* a rather bizarre merger of the RTC and TDC Stolen Valour by-election and only 25% turnout in each but different candidates winning - at least a sort-of reduction in doublehatters - but astonishing Broadstairs Town Council £40k salary. To do what? And how much for the other secretive Town Councils?

* Front page of Daily Mail today 23/8/16: a medical error repair operation every 90 minutes - over 6k up from 2k.

* Pedzone watch: thanks for info:
-policecar(!) yesterday 11am
-G4S cashvan and Loomis cash van yesterday
-G4S cash van 1-2pm

Please let me know the reg nos

* A strange Twitter comment from Visit Thanet on dogs on beaches in the Summer? Yet BBC reports on guidedogs being banned by Kent shops and taxis?

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