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Kent Cops on the Run from Kent Corruption?

A superb article in the Daily Mail on FOI and Police Chiefs’ secret allowances and expenses and holidays and so on:

Day #1: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-3728672/DAILY-MAIL-COMMENT-Senior-police-behave-like-spoiled-princes.html

Day #2: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-3730599/DAILY-MAIL-COMMENT-Culture-greed-police.html

Certainly hidden costs of upto 21% and 64 days holiday is outrageous in the Age of FOI.

Kent Police don’t come out of it too badly – certainly there are far worse instances with Essex Police lavishly paid for bumbling through the cement mixer drowning. It could happen.

Or Surrey Police and a 2nd Deepcut Barracks enquiry – after the previous half dozen. Five bullets could mean it’s a suicide?

And certainly it shows there are far too many of the 43 police forces with extensive management staff and back offices – all with the policeman’s fear of patrolling, or handing out parking tickets.

Kent Police could easily merge not just with Surrey and Sussex but also with the Fire Brigade and Coastguard and even parts of the council 101 service, certainly at night or weekends when the council offices are closed.

And there’s far worse with FOI Finchy at Kent Fire Brigade simply refusing to issue any details of staffing and salaries at all. Even the old chestnut of personal data is wearing thin given personal data applies to the public not the public servants, and the first principle of FOI is transparency.

You try: james.finch@kent.fire-uk.org

It’s only 10 years since the FOI was introduced in UK - and not one government dept routinely issues all salaries and staffing, cars and expenses etc.

Or as we’re seeing with the police, they do – but not all the extra allowances, just as we had with MP’s expenses being a secret salary topup.

And no news yet as to how the OLAF-EU/GIAA-DCLG £500k TDC Port fraud will be whitewashed away to be paid for by you twice, if not three times.

Once to pay for it.

And again in higher taxes to make up the shortfall.

Perhaps with a salary and pension payoff to hush it all up.

Yet here's a squad of KP detectives, as you'd expect, for a supermarket fraud:


Let’s not even mention the Dreamland £900k muckups and £30M in tax, or the latest BVI now Panama Pleasurama fraud.

I’m told by the police it’s illegal for them to hand out parking tickets. But maybe for cars parked on the pavement. But definitely not if they’re on double yellow lines. Supposedly.

While Chief Pughsley’s away on holiday the police are at play it seems.

And with the sacking of Judge Suitcase Smithy for being mentally unfit, which is a bit harsh as he was more of a Hurricane Higgins colourful character with his dreadnoughts and Da Vinci codes and missing BA selfie stick.

1st DaVinci: https://www.theguardian.com/law/2011/feb/03/high-court-judges-poor-judgment

2nd BA: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/11762535/The-High-Court-judge-the-3bn-airline-case-and-the-mystery-of-his-lost-luggage.html

3rd Resigned off: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/high-court-judge-unfit-to-face-inquiry-over-shocking-conduct-6lcplhgq2

And the scoundrel Lord Grabafee Grabiner from One Essex Court is facing more questions on BHS, and Judge Lowell Goddard a NZ High Court Judge (no wonder Infratil at Wellington get away with it) resigning from the child sex inquiry, the High Court is in freefall.

Only Ian Glick QC also from One Essex Court is clinging on with the Ali Bongo Barrister Guy Hollingworth – part-time magician and full-time crook. How could so many Judge and QC’s and BSB and SRA remain silent for such blatant fraud?

Only sackings and a Public Sector Magnitsky List prevents them popping up somewhere else and carrying on.

Only the Crying Judge expressed any concern, while the Wee Grey Scot and Teacups Judge and Judge Mann and Court clerks were happy to cover it all up.

What chance of a fair trial for the Infratil directors Fitzgerald, Clarke, Bogoievski and Charles Buchanan of Leaky Lydd in the High Court, in UK or NZ, with such judges?

And certainly a 1:1 ratio of one clerk to one cop for Kent Police’s 6,000 coppers is absurd.

Even more laughable than Local Craig Ramsgate's Chatham MP, and a magistrate at that – rivalling only Mayor Shonk for silence and roadhogging job titles - keeping shtum on Infratil and Thor mercury contamination. Kent's Bhopal polluting if not killing hundreds of people, cops and their kids included - as well as the dodgy election expenses and dodgy election processes so far. TDC can't even fill in the blanks in a boiler-plate election form.

Particularly laughable when Craig pipes up to randomly accuse Kent's citizens concern at armaments factories in Kent, of being carpetbaggers from London.

While Kent PCC Police Commissioner hardly comes out of the Police FOI Scandal very well.

Even refusing to name any of their staff under the "Meet the Team" heading(!):


A real danger too that the PCC becomes simply an extension of the poice rather than an extension of the public.

And why haven’t the Police Commissioner’s been raising concerns over expenses and allowances rather than the Daily Mail?

Ann Barnes in Kent was doing the job for nearly 15 years, and only raised tax and a few laughs. Even in the secretive and illegal Kent guncops increase beyond 1.99%.

The Met’s laughable display of balaclava cops playing at SWAT (motorbiking and abseiling and speedboating?) is all the more worrying if they’re sat around in the station finishing off the last of Barnes’ cupasoups and playing Russian roulette.

Silence too on the strange KP Domestic Extremist database of following and bugging elected councillors and MP's - no doubt Special Branch will be wiretapping the Chief Constable's phone to find out how that has happened.

While the excess of trousers and hats in next season’s Fashion Police parade could be better off spent on new kit for the good folks of Kent Police Brass Band, The Blue Blowers, tuning up for Sergeant Pepper’s anniversary next year. Perhaps a silky little number for the Eastcliff Bandstand catwalk.

And with a Belgian policewoman being cut to ribbons by a machete this weekend - it shows the danger of machetes and samurai swords and hipowered air rifles (banned in Scotland) being on open sale at Trade Station, Ramsgate rather than bought up and discontinued.

A much better use of police expenses.

And Kent Police certainly need to improve on FOI:

* monthly totals of drug raids and drug hauls: A Drug Den Raid Every Day underway
* 5% rape detection is horrifying
* FOI on guns and ammo and training bloat with only 6 shots fired each year, ISIS or not
* murders and cold cases (again KP doing better than most): Sunday Times detailing this weekend the UK murder detection rate falling from 23% to 13% despite forensic advances and c.1,500 unsolved cold cases
* merger of Kent and Surrey and Sussex Police and KP lead on Fire and Coastguard mergers, and council 101 Backoffice
* review of both Police and PCC Oath: to the Queen? Parliament and the Public runs things
* review of QPM: restricted to Police bravery and UN Police service in Sudan/East Africa etc, and review of George Medal - Prince Charles active in wanting to reduce Royals/amend Empire designations/Duchy of Cornwall etc

Time for Change


* Truly horrifying: 12,000 NHS medical errors each year in UK ie operations on the wrong person(!), wrong body part(!)and wrong drugs - by comparison only 1,700 road deaths. Car crash hospitals as we're seeing in Kent with 15,000 treated in the corridors and most/all Kent hospitals in Special Measures or closures for pension topups

* Too many junkies and dealers in Kent. Time for the Crackdown soon

* Misc articles: http://sincerityagency.blogspot.co.uk/2016/07/misc-articles-updates-july-2016.html

* Excellent news that Hinkley stopped and HS3 to be built first - ludicrous Highways Agency and KCC separate Stack consultations suddenly announced today, the former with the cement mixers poised after the rubberstamp

* Superb new London Tube 24-7 service and aircon carriages by end of August, and c.3k new UK train carriages by 2019

* Superb City of Sanctuary project and Perfugium Miseris artwork with KCC dragging their heels on child refugees, and ensuring that refugees and care homes are evenly distributed across Kent and other counties not the usual East Kent dumping and dumped-on. An East Kent Council better for reform and oversight of the £2BN KCC budget

* Rumours around Vitoil and Libya Development Authority and Malaysian 1MDB Bank and Sangcom. The latter detailed MOD corruption with Saudi arms deals similar to Al-Yammamah with Kent's MP Jonathan Aitken previously

* Superb Adam Peaty swim gold - perfect for reopening Ramsgate's 2nd pool rather than a £1M firestation-garage and expanding parks and playing fields and tree planting

Thanks for reg no's in the pedzones, pavements and seafront in the last week or two, keep them coming:

* F662 HPX
* Loomis cashvan D612 OYW
* GK57 OGB
* LG11 WWF G4S cashvan

It is no cars after 10am on the High St, and none at all on the seafront pedzone - indeed the seafront/Marina/port from Miles Bar as with carnivals, should be all pedestrianised. As in most seaside towns. Plenty of free carparks without building more or using the pavement. Tickets and clamps and towed away not used often enough now.


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