Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Garbutt for South Thanet MP 8th June. Time for Change

It's good there's a snap general election.

Clearly 6 weeks is far too short notice and the Fixed Term Act need reform to prevent this jiggery-pokery eg 6 months notice.

And Labour wipeout will lead to a more capable new Leader than Corbyn. 2 years and only muddle. Free school dinner is hardly a huge national policy.

UKIP is already wiped out and will be at the KCC local election too.

I hope Farage stands in South Thanet again to explain the Manston aquifer crimes and Thor mercury. He's not been heard of since 2015 and merely another local radio shockjock grumbling about that day's newspaper headlines.

May has called the election for a few reasons:

1. To avoid the slow death of c.30 byelections from the Tory election fraud - the largest fraud in UK history and pivotal here in South Thanet with Local Craig as Nick Timothy's puppet as detailed by Channel Four.

2. An Empty Parliament and MonoBrexit Parliament: no policies at all and one could argue UK has been rudderless since Gordon Brown as PM.

3. Broken UK: another Scottish referendum and now a General election with Northern Ireland still without government

4. Brexit shambles; no policy at all and all the Brexiteers resigning and Brexit looking far worse than Remain

5. An unelected PM and who was Remain and a caretaker government is untenable

So will a likely Tory majority improve anything? Not really. There are no policies. It's drift.

And another election in 2020 or would it be 2022? Shambolic.

And in Kent?

Nothing much.

Local Craig has failed after 2 years: nothing on Manston or Port or town centres. Quite the opposite.

The same with Gale. As with Brazier sat for too long - a Kent Alliance for clearout is viable.

I will stand in South Thanet:

1. Cancel Manston: dig up the runway and Police investigation into the new Riveroak Belize company MIO: Manston Investment Opportunities?

2. Cancel SHP Manston New Town: overbuild for $1

3. Extradite the Manston Infratil directors form Wellington and now Perth airport and Charles Buchanan at Lydd

4. Cancel Pleasurama and ask Bob Bayford and Terence Painter to help with a police inquiry on what they know

5. A Thor mercury contamination clean up and police inquiry and free coffins

6. Remain: UKIP wipeout and East Kent in EU: 48% want Remain and 73% under 25s. Brexit is marginal and incoherent and of the past

7. East Kent Council: KCC too large and remote and expensive and 1,800 clerks with 750 at TDC too many and too expensive and too corrupt

8. Demolish Arlington House 1960's tower block and renovate Dreamland and Margate seafront

9. Rampant lawyer corruption in public's courts: Lord Grabiner of BHS still a judge, One Essex Court Glick QC and Hollingwoth fraud, Lawrence Stephens solicitors Andrew Conway HMRC fraud and PBi Law. High Court of Cockroach: Mann and Crying Judge beo0oynd scrutiny

Your vote is yours but general points to consider:

1. Vote out Shonk and Heale and Hillman and Gregory and Wells at KCC: useless

2. Vote out doublehatters and parachute candidates

3. Vote out Toxic Three now Two: Paul Carter and Geoff Wild

4. Demand full monthly FOI: salaries, expenses, pensions, cars etc

5. Demand explanations of the missing Manston monitors and fines and Thor pollution

6. Demand LocalCraig and Gale stand down: they've had their chance

A Kent of stale pensioners stuck in the 1970's and irrelevant parties merely riding the decline down.

Stop the Pollution. Stop the Corruption. Stop the Construction.

Time for a Cleaner, Greener and Younger Kent.

Time for a New Kent.

Garbutt for South Thanet MP 8th June 2017.

Time for Change

* volunteers and donations and office wanted: pleas email

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