Friday, 28 April 2017

KCC election next Thursday 4th May and MP election 8th June

Obviously your vote is yours to use or not as you wish.

I would add only my views on both the upcoming elections:

* Ramsgate has 2 KCC councillor seats and I would suggest you vote for Ian Driver (Ind) and Raushan Ara (Lab) both active in the town and free of the failure of the traditional parties whether Labour or Tory or now UKIP.

* In general non-parachute candidates and Green or Ind candidates are better: the Bayford and Iris Duffers and Crooks of Thanet Labour and Thanet Tory have failed us and Thanet Green and Libdem usually invisible.

* Vote out current KCC councilors (most of them seem not to be standing): nothing done in 5 years. Only silence: Shonk, Heale and candidates Wells, Boyd and Hillman. The latter a London council parachute candidate. Surely a TDC vote of no confidence due in the Summer too after the porkies and BS around reopening Manston.

* Vote out Paul Carter KCC Leader and John Simmonds KCC Finance councillor - if you can, given the odd local election structure. After the election you have no say in the KCC Leader or Cabinet - unless you specify reform for your vote.

* Vote out Roger Gale. Nothing done. A Manston fool.

* Garbutt for MP on 8th June - I would say that wouldn't I - but your only other choice would be Craig Mackinlay embroiled in the Tory election fraud so even if he did win possibly a byelection rerun in a few weeks. And nothing has been done since 2015 except Craig and Wells blaming each other for not reopening Manston and pretending there is no pollution.

Local Craig can hardly claim not to be aware of the biggest election fraud in UK history - with the largest Electoral Commission fine already issued - with dozens of strange Battle Bussers turning up or Nick Timothy writing his manifesto for him.

As an Accountant he must surely have realised £15k in expenses - the whole allowance - in just one Tory hotel was lavish if not downright fishy.

As a JP he must have realised the law.

And as a Chatham KCC councillor and previous candidate he must have realised the election process.

Perhaps not and like the other c.15 candidates up for prosecution he'll blame Tory HQ.

* Or there's Stuart Piper of UKIP as South Thanet MP? Never heard of him. But again nothing done by UKIP except BrettGate giant cement works.

* LibDem Space Cadet Russ Timpson has fallen to earth with his Manston Spaceport and refused to stand (check out the interesting Space Lab in Ramsgate Harbour St and Kent University Space dept though) and I've no idea on the Green or Labour or other candidates.

But UKIP have one of the most repulsive anti-Moslem manifestos I've seen: forced Female Genital Mutilation inpsections, ban the burka and some incoherent twaddle about polygamy. Repulsive.

And East Kent dragged into the UKIP mire as the only/last UKIP council. With only 6% of seats with UKIP candidates there's unlikely ever to be another. Nor scoundrels like Farage and Tingtong Janice lasting past the 2019 MEP election.

And with c.75% under 30 year olds in favour of Remain.

Another cold winter and the horrifying 30k OAP Winter Excess Deaths could see that rise further. No news yet on the latest grim tally for Kent OAP and homeless deaths?

With a pro-EU Macron victory in France and both Merkel and Schultz pro-EU in Germany's Autumn election I fully expect a screeching Uturn and cancellation on Brexit before Xmas. If not sooner given its incoherence and idiocy with every main Brexiteer now sacked or resigned.

Ask your councillers and candidates about Manston-Infratil monitors removed by TDC: Berry, Button and Sproates. And Thor mercury. And cancelling and clearing Pleasurama whether the ongoing corruption or odd new KCC StoppingUp order.
That's a lot of cancer victims with the last Manston air pollution being 4x EU safe levels.

Even Phase One of Brettgate still in place or Ramsgate million quid fire station or derelict Eastcliff Bandstand.

Or cholera drains and sewers.

Or the laughable Manston parkway airport rail station without an airport and odd Riveroak UK Belize company. MIO: Manston Investment Opportunities? No doubt Roger Gale will explain who the secret directors are and so on.

And his view on the East Kent Drinking Water Aquifer under the runway.

Ask about Freedom of Information on documents and salaries and pensions and expenses, and filming council meetings that's more than variable or the 1.99% limit on tax increases without a public referendum that's already been broken.

Ask about c. £17M Ramsgate tax via a reformed Ramsgate town council and doublehatters and the Charter Trustees for Margate undemocratic Town Council.

Ask about £2BN in KCC council tax and East Kent's share.

The pensioners have failed us. East Kent's worst generation mired in incompetence and corruption and poisoning their friends and neighbours and children and grandchildren.

Time for a New East Kent.
Time for a New Ramsgate.
Time to Stop the Pollution. Stop the Corruption. Stop the Construction.

Time for Change


* Time for cancellation of 100 SE Rd and Pav both - as with Slipways and Fire station/swimming pool - without any correct or coherent planning permission

* Good Thailand has issued Red Bull arrest warrant as per previous note

* Concerned at reports of naughty teens around KFC etc and rape arrest in Ramsgate and c.500 in EK

* A shame about the dusty Kent-Virginia links given the new Sky TV series on Jamestown a previous as with the Dunkirk movie and Spanish Armada and DDay-Fortitude - and even dusty Hungary links a bit of a KCC missed opportunity

* Excellent #BOM Battle of Medway Dutch event and Fireworks last Bank Hols, as with Japan's Will Adams and the Gills too ideal for Kent Orchids

* Surin Thai Restaurant in Ramsgate - try the sea bass this Bank Holiday weekend, rain or shine

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