Tuesday, 25 April 2017

UKIP Wipeout East Kent. The Cancer Victim and Corruption Election. Garbutt MP 8th June and 2x KCC

The refusal of Nigel Farage to stand again in South Thanet means the almost-total wipeout of UKIP in East Kent.

And the refusal of LibDem Russ Timpson to stand marks the end of his ludicrous nonsense about Manston being a Spaceport for NASA.

As with the Macron result in France we're seeing the collapse of the traditional parties in UK.

And good riddance too. Nothing has been done in 5 years by UKIppers at KCC and Leader Roger Latchford - formerly of the Gang of Four - has also resigned.

The UKIP national policy to reopen Manston has been a farce since the 2015 election under former Tory and Manston committee member Leader Chris Wells.

And now we have the air pollution statistics with Thanet over 90 air pollution deaths - double most of the rest of Kent.

As you'd expect with Infratil and TDC removing the air pollution monitors and faking the data for almost 10 years. And even now not one public statement form TDC or councilors on how this happened.

Keeping their heads down and taking the municipal pay cheque from those they've poisoned - and KCC with the most over £100k salaries in local government is absurd failure.

An outrageous crime by our councilors and civil servants resulting in deaths and ill-health that were totally avoidable.

The support of Roger Gale MP for the new Riveroak company with it's mysterious Belize company MIO (Manston Investment Opportunities?) is equally outrageous - but par for the course in Corrupt Thanet and Corrupt Kent.

As MP I will cancel any tax haven investment in Kent and cancel Pleasurama and Pav and Manston completely.

The Toxic Three now Two of Paul Carter and Geoff Wild remain silent.

The TDC senior civil servants of CE Madeline Homer and TDC lawyer Tim Howes remain trapped by their silence.

The Cancer Victims of East Kent deserve better than these pollution crimes and corruption.

For the KCC election Ramsgate has 2 seats and I urge the public to vote for Ian Driver and Raushan Ara: local candidates, new faces and not parachute candidates.

And I urge the public to reject Craig Mackinlay as MP -whether at the local Tory party AGM or not - given the Tory election fraud and inaction on Manston etc.

As with Laura Sandys before him, 2 years is enough failure from puppet candidates.

Time for Change


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