Tuesday, 21 April 2009

10 More years for Thor? 4 more years for Leader Carter?

Clearly Andrews Pearce and Ogden at the Environment Agency in charge of clean-up at Thor and Infratil is building some fat into the system.

10 More years?

Since 1988? And 2005? And the Thor African factories closed in 1993 for poisoning local workers and the surrounding water table.

What are they waiting for to clean up one factory site?

The site only ceased manufacturing from the permits issued by the Environment Agency and supervised by TDC and KCC in 2005.

TDC now claim “pilot stage” (bureaucrat speak for almost nothing) clean-up began in 2008 – after the chemical fire at Xmas 2007.

The Environment Agency are unable and refuse to provide under EIR the reports of the extent of the mercury spillage and contaminated assoil and water.

What has Andrew been doing?

10 More years? Building the Olympics site only takes five years. 10 More years?

And when will our MP’s visit the site as it poses no threat to human health? Messrs Gale and Ladyman claim everythig is fine and no threat to people: a refreshing drink of Thor water on TV would be more reassuring.

And why exactly was the site open since 1988 when it was meant to be closed.

And how exactly have arrived at a further 10 years of inaction?

Plenty of padding there as the pollution seeps ever further into the water and soil.

Leader Carter at KCC is unable to confirm what’s happening on the site – it’s as if KCC have no idea of the impact of mercury on the surrounding housing estate, retail park, offices and farmland.

After 20 years since the site was supposed to be closed - for poisoning the workers and the water.

And are simply relying on our MP’s to buy the EA some breathing space from the series of avoidable calamities.

Thanet’s 58 sheep-councillors stay quiet. The Gang of Four poison the water and pocket their £100,000 salary increases for failure.

With the County elections underway what exactly is the KCC Cabinet’s position on pollution and Toxic Thanet? 4 more years of the same?

The only concern now is if Cllr Carter is unable to clean-up then who in the Cabinet can? Most policy decisions are simply budget overviews rather than proper scrutiny.

Many of the Cabinet have changed several times over the last few years and perhaps Mark Dance is the only member with credibility and experience left if Cllr Carter isn’t up to the job.

10 more years of Thor? Make it 20 years or 40 years to make sure the problem is really buried deep. 6 feet under.

Andrew Ogden can be contacted on Andrew.ogden@environment-agency.gov.uk or 08708 506506 and reports/documents/emails requested under “FOI and/or EIR right to know “ legislation.

Paul Carter is away.

Any time in the next 10 years.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

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