Thursday, 2 April 2009

Tourism: the ferry don't fit

Who'd have thought it.

Ther mysterious Ramsgate ferry service that was suppoesed to start a couple of weeks ago and run for a year: nicely timed for the County electioins and upto the General election.

TDC and our MP's have "been working hard" for many months and years on this ferry apparently.

The idiots haven't worked out though that the ferry doesn't fit in Ramsgate harbour.

Or Boulogne harbour.


Given the Ostend boats could carry foot passengers - and for the last 4 years - presumably detailed discussions have taken place on that. Or not.

TDC can't even stop French truckers throwing merde onto the beach from their lorries - for want of parking in the ferry car park and a couple of portaloos.

Presumably Sunday working hours are beyond TDC's councillors and staff and Kent Police.

TDC's £20M budget has 75% taken up on salaries - presumably people that do things and organise things for the area. Or they issue memos saying they have.

Next they'll be letting a 1950's vintage power station lie derelict and crumble into a UNESCO Bay.

On top of Infratil's aviation fuel - don't pour aviation fuel or mercury down your sink says Steve Ladyman and the Environment Agency.

All downstream from the Thor mercury factory and Sericol's 4,000 oil barrels-worth of industrial chemicals.

With views of the fallen down seafront buildings and burned-down Pleasurama British Virgin Islands tax haven project.

The Gang of Four stay silent.

I think this is the tourism strategy.

Worth remembering Canterbury Cathedral is one of Britain's top tourist locations suffering from an excess of tourists - barely 20 minutes drive away.

And Margate used to have 2M visitors before it all mysteriously burned down without Roger Gale knowing anything about it.

Remember there is no regeneration plan for Margate at the moment.

4 years.

8 years.

10 years.


SEEDA are cutting back 25% of their staff from a budget shortfall on their £400M plans invested elsewhere.

Clearly Steve Ladyman is a busted flush and Roger Gale is silent except as Laura Sandy's absentee mouthpiece.

As MP I will call for a Parliamentary Inquiry into the mismanagement of Thanet's Tourism, with council tax rebates and refunds for years of political and civil service failure and fast-forward the regeneration of seaside Thanet.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

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