Thursday, 30 April 2009

ChinaGate donations: a whopper for the Gang of Four

The Sunday Times Rich list has a section on political donations.

Now I thought the donations from Ken Wills and CGP to Steve Ladyman and South Thanet Labour Party were very high.

Especially as similar offers were made to the Conservatives in North Thanet.

Clearly donations to both parties at the same time isn’t really motivated by support for either or any party.

And coming at the time of the largest-ever Planning application for cargo warehouses covering dozens of acres well, it looks fishy.

So much so the Conservatives sort of accepted then turned it down.

The public unanimously rejected the application – except almost all of Thanet’s councillors.

A very strange do.

Well, not really we can all guess what’s going on here.

But I never realised how large a donation it was: according to the Sunday Time the top 40 donations range from £2M to £50,000 – with most of the donations around the £50k mark.

So a donation of £25k or £50k is very significant indeed.

So significant it would make on e of the largest UK political donations. And so significant for Thanet that it matched the total donations for Thanet Labour…over the last 8 years.

A whale of a donation.

Especially when the Gang of Four are taken for a trip to China but tell the public it’s paid for by the Chinese – but the Tesco Bag reveals it’s funded by CGP and Ken Wills.

Kent Police remain silent for the moment but questions must be asked by our sheep-councillors.

Not one sheep-councillor has spoken up on: Infratil noise monitoring, Thor pollution, Sericol pollution – what do all 58 of them do except refuse to speak on politics, Standards Board each other on petty matters and exempt themselves from issues relating to politics or their constituents.

And suggest at election time they shouldn’t discuss politics.

Yet vote in ChinaGate or ManstonGate night flights with a nod, no debate and no inkling of what these matters are.

Now wonder the civil servants are voting for 0% pay rises that are actually £25lk increases.

Personally I don’t mind donations being accepted nor trips to China – but I’d like the full truth beforehand to decide if these are acceptable or not. Especially huge donations like these.

And I’d like a little more scrutiny than our MP’s and councillors waving a ChinaGate application through without even being able to say what it was.

It’s hard to believe that any Ken Wills or CGP application will gain acceptance in future. Probably neither will the SFP Ventures British Virgin Island company application.

The Gang of Four? And our MP’s? Hard to decide if they’re scum or scoundrels or stupid.

I think mainly scum now – what do you think?

Or if they think the same of the public that elected them and funds their salaries, expenses and pensions and largesse with public land.

As MP I will call on the Gang of Four and Thanet Labour to return the £25k and funds and time costs from their China dalliances. And deducted from their pensions for abuse of public office.

And ask Parliament to call in ChinaGate and Pleasurama.

And ask Silent Sandys what she thinks.

Time For Change.

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