Friday, 10 April 2009

Has Kent stagnated?

Or has Kent governance stagnated over the last 5 years?

With the collapse of Thames Gateway, Margate regeneration by fireball and repeated failures to reverse the degeneration of Dover, Folkestone, Chatham and no plans or activity delivered for 2012 after 4 years – are we witnessing the ever-rapid expansion of the public sector as compensation for stagnation?

Does the spiralling wage bill and head counts represent a failure to invest in diversified sectors beyond construction of motorways and 2-bed flats?

And a focus on public sector unproductive bloat?

Certainly. The South East economy is at least 40% in the public sector. At least.

Removing SME businesses which form 99% of the economy there are simply no medium or large businesses to offset the inertia of the public sector.

The new recession is no ideal situation but definitely not a major factor in these years and decades of ongoing problems.

We seem to be entering a new era in the 21st century where the Imperial Decline of the 20th Century is now Public Decline in the 21st Century.

Most research indicates public discontent with the failures of the traditional party system: in Margate for example the decimation of the town is met not with improved policies but a rejigging of the electoral boundaries to cut Margate in two and ever-more expensive public sector expansion.

The Nineteenth century success of public improvements planned and outsourced from a small public sector has been turned upside down to merely failed policy by PR release.

The absence of council tax or public sector cuts and the lack of scrutiny for any increase above inflation suggests endemic failure in monopoly services.

The focus on Climate Change, Eco-Economics and Regeneration are the only credible way forward both before and the failure of the Banking system and Public Sector.

We have the planning of plans and plans for planning, and plans for process and process of planning but no actual doing.

Or even credible plans for doing.

The political system simply props up failure with yahboo politics of “it’s the other lot” and defence of the indefensible to see if the public shouts loud enough as a political strategy.

Perhaps Kent is merely meant to be a speed-bump on the way to London or Europe.

Or a backwater for geriatric policies?

The disastrous failure of Dover etc, Manston, Lydd, 12% unemployment in Margate, the Election Ferry, poisoned water supplied with water tax increases and the largest employer being the local council suggest that the wheels are coming off the Kent tractor.

As MP I will call on Parliament for an Inquiry into Regional Reconstruction - plus the unthinkable for the current Party system: a reduction in MP’s and Councillors, pegged salaries and headcounts through “Scores on the Doors” and greater accountability though elected roles and specific plans.

The opportunity for reform of course will have drifted yet further away with the moveable feast of variable elections.

The contempt of the Parties for democratic elections shows in vague or nonexistent manifestos and simply false statements to the public.

Steve Ladyman can’t fix things: directorships and ChinaGate deals will be only more of the same.

Roger Gale can’t do it: 30 years of bluster and burning of Margate will be more of the same.

Laura Sandys is silent.

The current Party machine, and these products of it, simply want to maintain the existing system.

KCC is a 4 star council comprised of 1 star district councils with the money gone North to centralise Maidstone.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

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