Thursday, 24 June 2010

Manston cancer, Leader Bayford: Job #1

Congratulations on you new role Bob.

How will cancer from Manston be reversed?

The emissions levels are over 4x the EU limits.

Infratil breach the 106 repeatedly eg town overflights and discharge to water – all detailed by the Environment Agency.

Clearly KCC have walked away form any further funding and SEEDA funding has closed.

And, MK Airlines has gone bust owing the fines that were not provided.

Not even the "village hall chairs and a DVD player for cancer" seem to have appeared.

How are you going to reverse the pollution of the local population?

With the airport built on the drinking water supply why hasn’t it been closed already – never mind expansion.

Only a clown would suggest an airport on the water supply is a good idea.

And then we need to understand compensation and responsibility - none of the safety controls or democratic requirements at Manston have been followed.

Clearly the Toxic Three of Latchford, White and Samuel have been playing fast and loose with the democratic process and airport controls.

And then the gall to indulge in the 0% corruption scandal.

Do we need a fresh bag of kidneys and lungs for every citizen funded by Infratil and TDC?

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