Sunday, 31 October 2010

Manston - gateway to AlQaida

With cargo flight bombs now an AlQaida option – again Manston is wide open.

Random night flights. Egyptair. Banned African flights. Unchecked cargo. Offroute flights etc etc.

A few minutes fly time from Canary Wharf.

It's a wonder a few bombs aren't hidden under a couple of pallets of heroin from Amsterdam or some Sudanese Kalashnikovs from Ostend.

Shouldn’t flights be pulled - the last major terrorism alert in Summer 2007 still had flights coming in plus banned flights.

Shouldn’t there be an aviation blacklist for blatant breaches of airport operations and safety: Infratil’s Directors seem to do what they like.

Why have noise and air monitors been removed and flight breaches deliberately ignored by our councillors and civil servants - for years?

And silence on the East Kent drinking water supply under the runway.

Over a year of fudge and delay since the BAWC night flight application with Matt Clarke and Latchford and Ezekiel last July. The same sort of delay as with the Albion House petition.

We seem to have had public safety endagered for mere dogma and incompetence.

Manston can only close now. The sooner the better.

And the runway and buildings and KCC/SEEDA carpark removed to allow the underground water reservoir to refill and clean.

The same - when action is eventually taken - for Thor mercury.

And at some point a desalination plant will need to be considered rather than piping water in from West Kent and failing flood defences and drains.

Our 1970's pensioners have failed us.

The towns have burned down and fallen down.

A bottom 10% council and bottom 10% UK area.

If you told me I wouldn't have believed you.

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