Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Toxic air quality in Canterbury and Herne Bay: “we’re choking” and “bad taste in mouths”.

A front cover article in KM for Canterbury and Herne Bay: “shocking report reveals the air we breathe is getting dirtier”.

5 permanent monitors in Canterbury just for road traffic.

Worth remembering that Manston airport will provide - banned - fuel discharge over Herne Bay and Canterbury.

Thanet also has discharge levels over 4x EU emissions – and monitors removed by Infratil and TDC.

I’ve written to Kent Police as I’m concerned that the flight paths are repeatedly breached and the operating times.

Last night a plane landed over the town at midnight: blatantly breaching both regulations.

I don’t know how Kent Police/Customs monitor aircraft cargo if planes are landing outside of the airport operating hours.

Nor why the public haven’t been protected.

There doesn’t seem to have been a Police investigation for detailed statutory duties to monitor and record air pollution: benzene, carbon monoxide, lead, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide.

So why, for an airport due to expand, did Infratil and TDC remove the noise monitors from Clarendon School and a tower block in 2006 – and not replace them? Even now.

Why has the mobile noise monitor not been deployed? Even now.

Why was the benzene monitor attempted to be removed at last July's attempt for expansion?

Why have Roger Gale and Laura Sandys remained silent?

All 56 councillors silent?

Silence from 8 Thanet KCC councillors?

Only Paul Carter calling for airport expansion via a vague announcement of a Parkway train station with public funds.

Silence from Kent Police in investigating the missing monitors.

Silence from Infratil’s Directors and TDC on corporate manslaughter.

Did Brian White really expect a sideways job title rejig and the two politicians in the Gang of Four Ezekiel and Latchford resigning to solve the problem. Carry on polluting as usual?

Did our silent councillors? Not one statement on air pollution.

Nothing on the monitors.

Worth remembering at election time next May.

Seems party and civil servant loyalty comes before the public.

We seem to have cockroach civil servants and grubby politicians scurrying around for months and years doing anything but protect the public.

The highest lung cancer rates in the South East: dying at 63 not 81 years old as in the rest of Kent. The same mortality rate as Haiti or Burma.

It's to be expected next to an airport and the monitors are downgraded and removed and the data fudged and silence form our elected representatives.

We seem to have silent councillors actively colluding with civil servants to deliberately endanger public health and safety?

With 99% of people not members of a political party, and over a third of people not voting, we seem to have allowed tweedledum and tweedldee political parties and civil servants quibble over divvying up tax funds at c.42% of GDP and ever-more pointless laws - and failure to reform for their benefit.

How can housebuilding and road building be a priority for public funds and jobs with 23,000 empty houses in Kent and two motorways?

And the lowest amount of public green space per head in Thanet?

How can council tax rise above inflation every year?

And silent politicians and ciivl servants.

How can the various public sector quango task forces in Margate resolve the problems they’ve created?

Why are there so many doublehatter and triple hatter politicians in sinecures and dead wood seats politicians hollowing out democracy?

How can the public sector unionise at a far greater rate than the private sector – and on public funds? And then complain if public funds are cut. And strike to penalise the public.

And silent politicians and civil servants.

How can public sector machine politicians and civil servant understand the private sector or reform the public sector?

How can tax n’waste and secrecy on public funds be so widespread? Is it outrageously unusual in the 21st century that these are public funds and the public should see every penny and contract and document?

Why a 14 month delay for a feeble empty noise report? Nothing on air pollution. Nothing on the water supply.

A bottom 10% UK council.

A bottom 10% UK area.

And a 24hour cargo airport by removing the safety measures and deceiving the public is the best they can do.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

Time for Garbutt for Ramsgate Mayor May 2011

Time to:

1. Close Manston airport completely and clean and protect the water supply
2. Sack the Toxic Two: White and Samuel for failure and mismanagement. No pensions. No payoffs. No public sector jobs.
3. A Police investigation – and public funds for a public legal action - into TDC and Infratil’s Directors for corporate manslaughter and endangering the public
4. Demolish derelict Richboro
5. Clean Thor and publish the toxin levels – and a funded investigation into why a banned mercury factory was still operating for 20 years and silence since from our elected and public representatives
6. Designate TDC as a failed council requiring direct oversight from Whitehall: bottom 10% of UK areas
7. Repay the 0% salary fraud from the Toxic Two with public-funded legal action
8. Boycott council tax payments to KCC until a Margate Town Council and the missing £20M per town direct funding is provided
9. Suspend Vattenfall’s 2nd Port office and windfarm expansion: further investment than a £175k TDC charge and free electricity is required
10. Establish Pleasurama ice rink and suspend the Granville Folly and Slipway glass stump –clearer local design code and conservation area
11. Publish all TDC and RTC costs, salaries, expenses and pensions and contracts: no exceptions
12. Cut the bloat and waste at TDC and KCC and end double-hatter funded roles
13. Abolish new TDC pensions and withdraw existing pensions above the average wage and open any existing pensions to the public
14. Establish 2 consultation periods: March and October – end the ludicrous “ask again and again until we get what we want” and rubberstamp system as with EUJet
15. Establish Recall of politicians for 10% of vote and specific issues, plus Deselection from Parties and Local Referenda

Time to stop the pollution. Stop the corruption. Stop the construction.

Time to close the airport: no night flights. No day flights. The runway dug up and the buildings cleared. The Fire station closed. Petrol station resited, no further building and the aquifer protected.

What have they been doing? An airport on the water supply. What fools.

Time to reform TDC.

Time to stop the cancer.

Time for clean air and water.

Time for Change.

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