Thursday, 7 October 2010

Night flight blight

Night Flight blight

The meeting on Ramsgate’s consultation for night flights at Ramsgate town council was much the same. A council room overflowing with people complaining about night flights, cancer, asthma, the drinking water etc.

And councillors silent or biting their lips to speak up in favour of night flights.

After the meeting one councillor mentioned how wonderful Manston was back in the 1960’s when it was an RAF base and base for Invicta airlines.

In the 1960’s. Funded by tax-money. Trailing jet fuel. And a few airshows to keep the public quiet.

And then it collapsed.

And Manston as a private airport has collapsed over the last 10 years.

Even Charles Buchanan of Infratil now says private planes won’t keep the airport open. It can only be 24hour cargo. If that.

A bargain basement junkyard of an airport.

Kept open by removing the safety measures and endangering the public.

Elections next May: no vote sin poisoning your own citizens before now – and until then.

A year after the last night flight farce we still have planes breaching the 106 repeatedly with overflights, banned planes and landing on the water supply.

Time to close Manston completely.

No night flights.

No day flights.

The runway dug up.

The buildings cleared.

The dumped jets cleared.

The water protected.

The reality is our councillors are simply a busted flush.

And what incompetent town planning.

An airport on the drinking water supply.

A few minutes fly time from Ostend cargo airport and Gatwick and Heathrow.

The removal of the safety measures.

Time for corporate manslaughter charges for Infratil’s Directors and the Toxic Two.

I asked again for the RTC reports and accounts missing form the website months after being signed off.

No doubt we’ll see RTC has merely been acting as the Charter Trustee social club again.

After 2 years little has been achieved.

Albion House remains derelict and the new council room is simply too small.

A quick question on Thor mercury at the end of the meeting? Nothing to do with the council.

Members of the public have organised a meeting for 3:30 pm at the church in Arklow Square to discuss the public’s response the night flights and improvements to the town council.

Time for Change.

Time to reduce the number of councillors at RTC and TDC

Time to remove double hatters sitting on all the councils.

Time to end public sector pensions.

Time to publish all civil servants costs.

Time to reduce the number of civil servants: a 30% increase at TDC to 750 in the last couple of years.

Time to end the public and press banned from meetings.

Time to provide webcams.

Time to establish Margate Town Council and town council tax funds.

Tie to reduce the bloat and waste and lack of funding from KCC.

Time to reduce automatic over-inflation council tax rises.

Time for itemised MP’s costs and activities to be published.

We seem to have stale councillors living in the past or simply incompetent and allowing the towns to fall into dereliction, and asking the public to pay for the privilege.

For 2 years – after a 2 year delay by TDC – RTC has sat around.

The public have been endangered – even yesterday a 747 flew over the towns.

A vote of no confidence in RTC/TDC.
Close the airport.

A council tax boycott.

Criminal charges.

Time for change.

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nick said...

Keep the pressure up on these councillors etc. It does not make sense at all that we fly in fruit and endanger our lives in the process!