Monday, 25 July 2011

Garbutt for Mayor: close Manston, end the cancer.

Coughing one up for Infratil.

An NHS campaign on lung cancer: East Kent's biggest killer with 428 deaths.

You do the maths on what's attributable to the airprot - with monitors removed.

And yesterday - even on Carnival Day - 2 illegal 747 overflights, one unmarked at 12 noon and 6pm and a Cityjet plane circling several times.

As Mayor I will instigate jail proceedings for Buchanan and Carter.

And now some 2 months into the job McGonigal the new TDC CEO is looking to be more of the same Buggins Turn: none of the accounts, from a trained accountant and Director, include the missing fines nor details of Infratil's public secotr subsidies from SEEDA etc or business rates.

Silence on EKO invoices, Pleasurama costs and 0% fake pay rises and schtum payments.

Your money. Approved by your councillors. For failure and cancer.

Infratil may be deliberately polluting the public but TDC are simply going along with them.

Which councillor is repsonsible for the airport? And which cvil servant?

After another ludicrous night flight debate our coucnillors seem irrelevant.

And Kent Police cowed - certainly there'll be no Police or Customs inspections on a Sunday at Manston.

And silence from Gale and Sandys - depsite signing off the absurd Parkway plan as late as January this year and Carter and Buchanan schlepping around Westminster to expand the airport on the rates.

Thanet's problems stem from incompetent coucnillros, civil servants and MP's - creatign problems.

And 750 TDC civil servants and 15,000 KCC civil servants simply recording the problems.

But the election's a year away. Anothe rlost year for Thanet's lost generation.

Coucnil tax strikes and recall of MP's seems relevant - where are they? What are they doing about Infratil and the fake accounts and missing monitors?

Time for P45's

Time for Jail.

Time for Change.

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