Monday, 18 July 2011

Garbutt for Mayor: Corruption-flavoured Kent and McGonigal's maths

A note to Katherine Kerswell at KCC:

As CEO of KCC a 4 star council and CE of SOLACE the Chief
> Executive's trade union can you advise on Kent's corruption
> scandals:
> * Manston: missing monitors and fines
> * c.£200K schtum pay-offs for Messrs Samuel and White of
> the Gang of Four
> * two paygrade hikes just before dismissal for Richard
> Samuel
> * 0% pay rises for Samuel and White that are over 10%
> increases: can the before and after salary slips be
> provided?
> * election payments of c.£20k and £18k to Messrs Samuel
> and Gilroy as heads of council - presumably only minimal
> expesnes are allowed and these costs ar epart of the
> £100k-plus job desciption?
> * chauffeur costs for KCC - only Cabinet ministers have
> chauffeur cars?
> * costs of Top Temps and KCC taxis: these seem to be
> KCC-funded companiesfor KCC-only use
> * Pleasurama-Bungarama: the largest seafront development in
> Kent with no plans and registered inthe Cayman Islands for
> unknowen Directors/payments
> * Dreamland and Tesco: mystery fires and now mystery plans
> for supermarkets by the same company
> * EKO: mystery KCC and TDC joint venture: can the invoices
> be provided?
> * Sue McGonigal as new TDC CEO also the FD and 151 Officer:
> creatign and signing off accoutns through the above
> activity
> I'm astonished at the depth, delay and blatant approach
> over this corruption - are you?
> Will the funds be repaid and the Police called in?

And now the ludicrous situation of a ludicrous "debate" on night flights given they're already banned, and civil servants issuing lawyer letters on the rates to silence councillors in the council chamber.

A murderous farce while Infratil fly and pollute.

Time for jail for Carter and Buchanan.

Time for Change.

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