Thursday, 14 July 2011

Garbutt for Mayor 2011: jail Carter, jail Buchanan, extradite Infratil Directors

A directly elected Mayor to close Manston and jail Carter and Buchanan and extradite Infratil's Directors.

A directly elected Mayor to reduce the number of councillors and ciivl servants.

Both local Thanet MP's and Parties seem to shy away from discussing why the 106 has not been enforced by the Gang of Four.

And total silence from councillors on the cancer cost and missing fines, nor how they will support flights given it's on the East Kent drinking water supply - a Police investigation is the way forward.

Councillors with specific questions to answer - aside from the Party Leaders are: Hayton and Harrison: both Chair of the Airport Committee through the last few years of Infratil and TDC removing monitors, Moores, Chair of the 0% salary review for two of the Gang of Four, and Ezekiel bizarrely standing again rather than following Latchford's sensible move into retirement.

And as late as January this year Sandys and Bayford trotting out behind Carter's FOI-released construction plans with Buchanan for the £10M Parkway on the rates.

No votes in poisoning your own citizens. That's jail.

No votes in covering up what happened to the monitors.

No votes in waiving the fines for 106 breaches.

Time to recharge the Party head offices. Time for a Police inquiry into the civil services corruption around Manston, EKO, Pleasurama and ChinaGate.

4x EU emission levels, monitors removed and lied for 5 years. A mortality rate 17 years lower than the rest of Kent.

And TDC and KCC and our MP's and Environment Agency grub around with fake payrises, lies and silence.

Poisoning their own relatives for Party and civil service positions. Their friends. Their children. Their grandchildren.

They've failed.

A bottom 10% council. A bottom 10% council. The same tired old faces.

Time for less cancer.

Time for less lies.

Time for Change.

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