Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Garbutt for Mayor: after Manston

Manston crashes and burns.

What then?

Carter in jail.

Buchanan in jail.

Infratil's Directors extradited for trial - that rarity of a free passage back to UK for the Kiwi Killers.

Sandys and Gale mere irrelevancies.

TDC and the Environment Agency in ashes.

Kent governance in freefall.

Manston can only have the runway dug up. The warehouses and buildings demolished and cleared.

The MOD Fire base and fires moved.

A WPZ water protection zone and SSSI site at Pegwell Bay with the highest monitoring to safeguard the aquifer.

A Margate Town Council and review of Ramsgate's £20M council tax contribution and the need for 750 TDC civil servants, 15,000 KCC civil servants, silence on staffing, pensions and expenses for £2.3Bn and 56 councillors for failure.

So many years wasted.

So little done.

So much of it abysmal.

Such stagnation and waste.

Time for Change.

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