Monday, 25 June 2012

£5,000 reward for Infratil arrests

As Mayor I’ll put a £5,000 bounty on the head of each Infratil Director for information leading to arrests for corporate manslaughter for removing the noise and air monitors.

The cost would be a fraction of the missing airport fines – even now the aquifer is in danger, pollution into Pegwell Bay repeatedly highlighted by the Environment Agency and overflights by Cargolux etc.

The reward will extend to any senior official at TDC etc who have aided and abetted this deliberate endangering of the public.

Civil servants with cancer. Coppers with cancer. Ambulancemen with cancer. Firemen with cancer. Judges with cancer. Lawyers with cancer. Councillors with cancer. Children with cancer.

Our councillors and McGonigal remain silent. The Toxic Three of Carter, King and Wild were keen to develop Manston and fund Infratil until a month or two ago.

Deliberately polluting the public that fund them. Deliberately refusing to provide effective monitoring. Deliberately refusing to charge the required fines and banned flights.

Shtum payoffs for the Gang of Four and Cancer Bob morphs into Cancer Clive and silence on the rates.

Random meetings of KIACC and playing let’s pretend on monitoring for an airport potentially the size of Stansted - and banned Afghan and IranAir flights.

A £5,000 bounty per Infratil Director seems too cheap for this shameful incident. And certainly the best use of council tax in a long time.

Why are Kent Police dragging their heels on these issues?

Bring the Killer Kiwis back in chains to join Buchanan in Pentonville for corporate manslaughter.

Time for Change.

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